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12 year old wearing a thong big deal?

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SD12 was playing with the dog. She bent over and I saw everything. I asked her to go put some panties on not later now. She said she was wearing panties. I thought she was trying to be smart at first. I told her once more to put on panties. She said she was their just thongs. I told her to go put on some panties that cover everything and some shorts over those. I told DH he went and looked through her drawer and found a couple of pairs and threw them all away and informed her she is to young for those. BM got all pissy when SD told her and called us saying DH owes her for throwing away clothes she bought. She thinks its no big deal and they just help with pantie lines.

I know there might be different opinions but I don't think a 12 year old needs to be wearing thongs. BM doesn't think SD is old enough for a bra she needs but she can wear thongs? That doesn't make any since. To DH its a big deal and she wont be wearing those when she's over here. He will be checking her bags. I know underwear might not seem like a big thing deal but it is an issue.


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My DD is 11 (12 in November) and I can't imagine her even considering wearing a thong. No way, no how!

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at 12? oh hell no.

most dads would prefer if their daughter dressed like Amish girls anyway.

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Someone must have given her some of the push up...hooker bras....and BM gave them to SD at age 10. Every one of them got lost in the wash and were replaced with age appropriate bras. I don't even wear 'sexy' bras and no way a 10yo needs them either.

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I have an issue with the age but maybe I'm a prude.

I think, even for the parents that don't care if their daughter wears a thong at 12, the issue isn't her age it's that she isn't mature enough for them. If she wants to wear any type of revealing underwear she should be able to keep her clothes OVER them & make it so that the whole world doesn't know what she has on. Since she is bending over flashing the world, she is definitely not mature enough for a thong.

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Replace the ones he threw away and ask BM not to send her to your house wearing thongs. Her house-her rules, DH's house-DH's rules.'s picture

Not ok with me, I would have a problem with this. SD17 stopped wearing underwear at 15 :jawdrop: She stole my thongs and said she lost all her underwear so she just stopped wearing them :?
I told FDH right in front of SD15 (at the time) he was disgusted and offered to take her to buy underwear....nope! She's used to not wearing them now :sick:

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I don't understand this whole commando thing. Do these girls not understand they can get that nasty crap all over the place. YUCK.

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I am 26, but started wearing thongs around 12....but I bought them myself. My parents weren't too pleased, but they got over it. However, that was when I started doing my own laundry so there would not be issues. I wasn't showing them to anyone, I just found them more comfortable! Still to this day, 95% of the time that's what I wear. I wouldn't have an issue with either of my SO's daughters (11 and 14) wearing them as long as they weren't lacy/slutty or have any "naughty" sayings on them, and as long as they weren't wearing revealing clothing, taking revealing photos, or anything like that.

She just needs to bend like a lady now that she is older and all should be well.

I guess it all depends if you view them as "sexy". I don't, just underwear!

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My DD started this at 12. My sister let her buy them. I didn't make a big deal out of it and she quit wearing them after a few months on her own.

I personally don't like the feel, and neither did DD.

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DH did the same thing when SD was 13. Never discussed it with BM, just told SD not to wear them. I am sure that is all that kid wears now considering her reputation...

There is no way in hell this would happen if she lived here.

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I think a 12 year old wearing a thong is highly inappropriate. WTF is a girl that age wearing that she needs to worry about panty lines and who's checking out her ass anyway? Honestly I'm not sure I agree with high school girls even wearing them. Maybe plain cotton ones but nothing silk or lace, to me that is lingerie and no one high school girl should have that.