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Feminine hygiene products, crimes scene underwear and attitude

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Ok, so yesterday my sister and he stepdaughter 12 come into town. She and my mom offer to take sd13 shopping with them while the get my sister's step daughters school clothes. As hesitant as I was, I said yes, and thanks. They were gone most of the day.

I came home for lunch. My first quiet, kid free lunch ALL SUMMER!! Should have been blissful. I let the dog out of the crate and go to the bathroom. When I come out, the dog, really just a pup, is coming out of sd's room with something in her mouth. I go running (that morning I pulled something metal out of the dogs mouth and the night before a cotton ball, all from sd's room or bathroom). When I look at what I have retrieved from my 10 month old bulldog puppies jaws, it is a nasty, bloody tampon. Ok, I think, but why was this in the bedroom. I threw it in the trash, brushed the digs mouth, washed my hands in Spaulding water, and went to sd's room.

The drawer to here tv console is open, there is a tampon box inside, the lid open and a mound of bloody tampons. Uck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I grab the box, which itself is soaked in blood, covered all over the outside in blood, etc, and stash it in a plastic bag. The smell is comparable to a dead body! I then wonder if there are more hidden somewhere. I look in the closet. No more tampons. However, there are bloody underwear. 5 pairs, hidden in a box, on a shelf, behind clothes, again smells awful.

Sd apparently behaved pretty well aside from being a snob, telling my sisters sd once she needed to suck in her stomach, and talking about her boobs and everyone else's until everyone is uncomfortable. When she gets home she is confronted. Her excuse (btw this not the first time something like this has happened, she isn't allowed a trash can in her room because of the maggots found in her trash can 2 years ago when she began stashing pads there, unwrapped in anything, and never emptying it, uck!!!). So she says, her trash can in the bathroom was full and there was nowhere to out them. Um...lazy much. Then she says she just did it were like 10 in there. It was gross. The underwear she tried to say they didnt fit. I said well, they fit well enough to get them bloody, and then they meant enough to you to keep all this time. She got a butt chewing and dh made her scrub the undies even if they were just going in the trash.

A few days ago, when her counselor was at the house no less, I open the doors where the cleaning stuff is, and so is the washer and dryer. Front and center is a pair of bloody panties. She just expected me to clean them for her. Fuck no!! I said, um...what is this. She had the audacity to say I do a better job than her (her manipulation to try to get out if doing things). I said its disgusting, you do it. She still didn't, it was one of the hidden pair.

How fucking gross. I was hoping a grounding was the least this would entail. SIGH. I wanted her to lose the privilege of having drawers in the dresser and console.


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That is nasty :sick: I would buy her super ugly walmart granny underwear to wear from now on until she learns some basic hygiene! Sorry you had to go through that YUCK!

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Thank you ima... I actually lost my not yet eaten lunch over it, and I have an EXTREMELY strong stomach. I can't even look at her right now I'm so disgusted.

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My young cousin used to hoard dirty tampons, but she's mentally retarded and developed hoarding tendencies in foster care. (She was adopted as a young child)
SD12 would hoard dirty & bloody undies. DH finally had to ground her from everything until she got clean. We seized all underwear and I washed them, and then made her shower and change. First thing each morning, she had to turn in her panties to prove that she was changing them. Ugh. I never understand why some young ladies desire to be so disgusting about their periods. I would have been mortified if someone even knew it was my time of the month.

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Me too llenya. I had a lot of issues in that area growing up, has led to fertility issues now. I has to go through the whole gynecologist thing early. I was traumatized!! I hated it. She acts like all this is no big deal. I stil can't get the smell out of my nose!

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That is SOOOO nasty! But I commend you for at least trying to teach her the importance of disposing of feminine products properly. I work for a cleaning service, and I swear EVERY day I go to dump a garbage that is unlined and chock full of used feminine products which have not been wrapped. The smell is just about enough to kill you. When I was growing up my mom made us save the wrappers our tampons or pads came in, wrap them in those, then wrap them again in toilet paper before putting in the trash, and YOU emptied all trash containing used product, and all "accidents" were to be scrubbed out immediately and laundered. The good old days, I guess? I can tell you, though, my house and my trash cans DO NOT smell like dead bodies!!