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More disgusting panties


Oh yes my fellow stalkers, more messy panties. I decided to be nice and do laundry. Its DHs job but he is out of town. I took the clothes out of the kids bathroom. Start putting clothes in the washer and find the first pair of shitty underpants.

I will spare you all the details of how I know this isnt just pour wiping skills. I texted DH a picture of every pair of shitty and/or pissy panties I found. There were 7 total of shitty and/or pissy panties. They were only here for 2 days the last time they were here. 4 pairs of shitty panties were the 11 year olds and 3 pairs of shitty and/or pissy panties were the 8 year olds.

Dh says he texts BM, she just says I bleach their underwear. Wtf, they had chunks of shit, dried and stuck to them because they hid them in the hamper in my sons shirt. Obviously he didnt mess girls panties, who they hell does that?

Dh says he tells BM that she needs to send underwear because we had to threw them all out. BM just says ok. This nasty ass BM is ok with this. I told DH if they continue to do this they must wear depends here. I cant do this, tolerate this at all.

Supposedly the oldest has medical issues and she cant feel herself pooping. But this stopped 2 years ago after her surgery but is now back on again. The 8 year old doesnt have any medical issues for this to be happening. BM says sd8 just doesnt wipe properly. Trust me when i say this girl, shit and pissed herself 3 times in 2 days here and never said a word.

These 2 go to school, so if they are doing this at school then they are sitting in shit and piss all day at school. The numerous amounts of infections OSD has had are apparently from this along with a bunch of unknown rashes.

All i can say is nasty nasty BM. I told DH, you have to deal with this and NOW. If they have an accident tell someone not hide it. GROSS!!!