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Who wants to wear another person's panties?

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My underwear keeps disappearing every time I do a load of laundry. I thought that DD6 might just be playing around taking them or grabbed them by mistake. When I asked her she gave me the ewwy face and swore she would never touch my nasty panties. I checked SD18's room when she went off to school. And I bet you can guess what I found in her top drawer .Three pairs of my panties. In her closet another pair of my panties where found in her hamper bloody. Not my blood because I had a hysterectomy.

Her dirty stinky stale smelling underwear is just rotting in the clothes hampers of the unwashed and forgotten clothes. I've concluded that because she is too lazy to wash her own clothes she would just take mines. Who takes someone's panties? Really? It’s time to grow up. Stop being so lazy and walk down the stairs load your clothes into the machine, pour in the liquid and press two buttons. How hard is that?


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That's just nasty.

I don't want to even touch someone else panties, let alone wear them and have them up on my crotch. I ran a load of wash at my moms before we came home and one of my sisters thongs much have been in the drier so it got mixed in with my load. I didn't even want to touch it....I like picked it up with one finger and moved it out of the basket as quickly as possible.

There's a reason that thrift stores don't even sell used underwear.....gross.

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I stopped wearing underwear altogether because SD21 kept taking mine. :jawdrop: hahaha. TMI, but, ughhhh, I couldn't stand sharing underwear with someone! She would also take my bras, my clothes, and now that she's been kicked out, I'm missing some of my stuff, including purses. Oh well, it's well worth the price, now I can go to Victoria's Secret and buy some panties of my own! Blum 3

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We have the same SD.

I even told the girl if you need new ones, tell me as we had been shopping twice. She lied and denied and then took them again, dirty ones this time.

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I swear, she would even go in my bathroom and shower and use my razor AND my pouf. It didn't matter how much stuff I bought her of her own, she always liked mine better, or couldn't find hers, or I hadn't done laundry yet, and what she needed was dirty (omg, why don't these adults know how to use a washing machine???).

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Just a little funny story for you, after taking my only strapless bra one night, and partying all night and not coming home, I was trying to get ready for church the next morning. All of my summer dresses (I don't have many) need to be worn with a strapless bra. This was an important morning, we were surprising SO's father by going to his church for father's day, and the whole family (except party girl) went. Well, I was beyond mad that I couldn't find my bra, and knew she had taken it. When she got home that afternoon, we were outside, grilling, having a good time. Her presence was just irking the sh** out of me. She non-stop talks about herself, and was going on and on about how she didn't have any shorts to take with her on her upcoming vacation because she was bigger this summer than last summer. (Fishing for me or her daddy to take her shopping.) Me, still, mad at her for ALWAYS (this was not a one-time event) taking MY stuff, simply said, "Why don't you ask your mom if you can borrow some of her shorts?" She ran in the house crying. BM is about 100 pounds overweight, and SD21 always talks about if she ends up fat like her mama, she will kill herself. Poor thing is so superficial, she can't realize that her outer beauty is very clouded by her inner ugliness.

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MSD used to steal my panties when she was allowed over to the house. Thong underwear at that!

I never can understand why someone would steal someone's underwear of all things.

Of course they were expensive VS underwear......

I just had my bachelorette party this past weekend and there was a game where everyone bought a new pair of panties and I had to guess who they were from and if I was wrong I had to take a drink of my beer. My friend was like "Dont forget to write your name in them!" Too funny!'s picture

SD16 has stolen my underwear, when I locked my room daily she took them from the laundry! Many clothing items have been found missing, curling irons, makeup etc.

But my underwear??? :jawdrop: Sexy underwear at that and she was 15 at the time. Just sick. SD21 even ratted her out saying she saw my underwear in her room at BM's house on the floor.
LAst Thanksgiving she told us she doesn't wear underwear anymore bc she doesn't have any............ WTF She has no excuse and she HAD underwear maybe her raunchy ass ate them. Just disgusting

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That is exactly what I told my FDH.

We had sex planned one day (no kids at the house) so I get in the shower, planning on putting on a pair of sexy panties that he recently bought me. They were gone. I KNEW it was MSD. I was so mad. I told him, you can thank her for you not getting laid tonight. And even better you can think about her wearing those panties for HER boyfriend, since she now has them. (I know she stole them and I was found to be right a few weeks later).

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Apparently my ss15? He has been stealing my panties since he was 5. Last time was when he was 14. After he stole not only my panties but my dd15's as well. He no longer is welcome here. (which is immaterial since he now resides in juvenile detention) I have never known for sure what he steals them for-is he wearing them? is he jacking off to them? does he do it to piss everyone off? Who the hell knows?

I was further disturbed to find out that last year he was also consistently stealing my ds14's underwear. Again, I'm not sure if he was wearing his, jacking off to it or what. He could have a whole supply of his own clean underwear and he was still consistently stealing my dear son's. Even when specifically told to touch NO ONEs underwear but his own-he still would take ds's. At one point right before he was asked to leave, we had keyless entry locks on all our bedroom doors and we only washed our undergarments when he was not around. The whole family, minus dh, had to freaking hide their underwear from this kid.

When he left at 14, I know that he took some of mine with him-because they went missing at that time and have never turned up.

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hahaha!!!! OMG! I wish we had all had this conversation a month ago! LOVE it! (Of course, then, it would have been all over FB that I have an!)

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That's only PART of the craziness....thank God, I'm disengaging, and really don't have to worry about it anymore. Her father told her she was not welcomed back here until she apologized to me (a whole other story, not about the He actually did that without me telling him to, also, so I have to give him some credit; he knew she was making the whole household crazy.

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oh, don't you know, if it's your kids, or SKs, it's not "stealing," it's "using" or "borrowing?" :sick:

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Oh no, you got that bit wrong - if it's yours or your bio kids then it ACTUALLY BELONGS TO THE SKIDS....

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It's posts like this that make me grateful I don't have stepdaughters! Ugh! Gross!