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I need some advice from this group - Senior Night

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As a follow up to my last post, there has been zero contact from BM after the Cease & Desist letter was sent. Fingers crossed everything stays this way. 


Here is my dilemma – last week SD17 asked me and her dad if we would walk with her at Senior night. She is part of the varsity athletics program as a Trainer and they are recognized along with the athletes. DH had let me know this invitation was coming so I could process it and decide how to respond. Of course, he wants me to attend and be honored she asked us.


 I am so angry

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I read on this site quite a but but don’t post often unless something extreme happens. Last night BM, who is an Olympic level drinker, was drunk/rage texting DH about all kinds of non-sense. It was late and we did not respond at first. It is in their court order that all communication is to go through OFW and she typically adheres to that requirement. That is unless she is super wasted. His responses were to send messgaes thorugh OFW and stop contacting him. 


Weekend Shenanigans

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Things have been quiet around here for a while, which I think gave me a false sense of security! SD16 has recently gottern her license and a new, fully loaded 2020 vehicle. We did not pay for the vehicle or the insurance; this was a huge deal for me. We have no control over the vehicle or how it is used so I did not want any potential liability issues.

Anorexia experience?

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I need help. Here is some background:

Married 6 years, together 8. I have DS23, DD20 & DD15. DH has SD14. My kids are doing ok, DS has graduated from college, DD20 is in college, DD15 is in high school, maintaining good grades, plays a sport, has friends. Other than an occasional smart mouth (teens…) she is doing well.

I am in a crappy mood with DH

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He is out of the country on a business trip and when he calls and relays all the fabulous things they are doing I look around at the laundry and cooking I have to look forward to at home.

He left on Saturday and is returning on Friday night. Lucky fucking me - he will pick SD10 up on his way home from the airport. He is stunned that I am not happy about this.

Really DH? You cant pick up Snowflake on Saturday morning and give us one night together after a week apart?

Update to the Funeral from Yesterday

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My co-worker came back to work today and I was ready to pounce for scoop when he got in the office!

He said they all knew the ex-wife was going to be there, they had invited her. Felt it was the right thing to do. He confirmed that she has always been and is still incredibly bitter about the divorce....35 years ago.

Stephell never ends - I have NOW, officially seen it all!

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I don't post often but do read on here regularly and gain great ideas from everyone here.

I went to a funeral today of the FIL of a co-worker. It is a little odd, but he is a great guy and thought a lot of his wife's father, so I went to show my respects.

The first part of the service was fine - several people got up to speak, they had obviously been asked in advance and had prepared a few words to say about the deceased. Funny stories, touching stories, testaments to his faith, get the idea.

Lizard lips, Part II

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So went sent the lizard with the messed up lips home to BM (gross). My DH tends to be on the neurotic side and sent BM a text to remind her to put the ointment on the lizard daily.

She text back and said...."The lizard is so cute! Her lips remind me of SD lips when she was a baby. Don't worry, I am taking good care of Morty"(lizard's name)

Holy shit balls - did this lunatic really compare her child's lips to a lizard's lips that were burned by a heat lamp?

A funny story to lighten up the day

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This past Saturday I was out with my girlfriends at a nice hotel - laying out and about to visit the spa. DH calls and asks if SD9 can have a lizard (they were at the pet store) and I said "Hell No!" These type of pets give me the creeps (if that's your thing, go for it, just not for me) and the one dog we have is plenty.

So, SD9 calls BM and she says 'OF COURSE, you can have the lizard at MY house'. What.Ev.Er

Holy crap - I stepped in it with DH last night

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We have not been getting along very well lately but we try to keep it civil in front of the kids. Well..except for last night.

I am what I consider to be partially disengaged. I dont do much with or for SD8. DH takes her to school, picks her up, takes her to dance class, does her laundry and we have cleaning lady that takes care of the house and changes the sheets on the bed.

I cook for the entire family and she will usually eat what I make. If she refuses, she goes without, that rule was set very early on. It is applied equally to allthe kids in the house.