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I am in a crappy mood with DH

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He is out of the country on a business trip and when he calls and relays all the fabulous things they are doing I look around at the laundry and cooking I have to look forward to at home.

He left on Saturday and is returning on Friday night. Lucky fucking me - he will pick SD10 up on his way home from the airport. He is stunned that I am not happy about this.

Really DH? You cant pick up Snowflake on Saturday morning and give us one night together after a week apart?

Oh hell no......he misses 'His Daughter'. I did tell him that if he continues to refer to her as a piece of property I would stab him Smile

Let's see, what else? While he is off on his fabulous business trip in Europe I mentioned to him that SD10's room looks like a bomb went off in it and I want it cleaned or me and my garbage bag are going to do it for her.

That went over like a ham sandwich at a Bar Mitzvah - "Why does she have to clean on her visits with us?" I don't know DH, maybe because I am not doing it - our cleaning lady wont even go in there anymore.

I am just in general in a crappy mood with him - his fab trip, my stupid job, his amazing 5 star dinners, my errands after a long day of work, etc.

Crappy days....


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>>>Why does she have to clean on her visits with us?<<<

Because she made a mess on her visit with "us".

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My husband was working away from home for awhile last year. He would work for 10 days and then come home for 4 days. Of course, his 4 days lined up with his EOWE schedule with SD. It got pretty annoying after awhile that she was there for the entire time he was. We didn't get any time alone together. I can see why you're a bit annoyed with your husband because of this.

I would absolutely start throwing your SD's things away if she's been given ample warning. If she was capable of making the mess, then she's capable of cleaning it up.'s picture

I'd be "sleeping" next time he calls. Sucks, I would be so irritated to not get any alone time too.
Shut her door until she gets there and tell her to clean it.
FDH is on my nerves today too Sad

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I like this.

Too bad that child will be over Friday night since you were fantasizing about sex on the recliner ... (evil grin) No date night for you, so put away that Fredrick's catalog.

Let her know what needs to be done, ie: post list, warn DH once and then if no effort is made just strip the room to air it out. You are paying the bills for that 10x12 piece of real estate. (okay, I'm really turning to the Dark Side)

All adults need one-on-one time. You sound reasonable to me.