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A funny story to lighten up the day

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This past Saturday I was out with my girlfriends at a nice hotel - laying out and about to visit the spa. DH calls and asks if SD9 can have a lizard (they were at the pet store) and I said "Hell No!" These type of pets give me the creeps (if that's your thing, go for it, just not for me) and the one dog we have is plenty.

So, SD9 calls BM and she says 'OF COURSE, you can have the lizard at MY house'. What.Ev.Er

What SD failed to mention to her BM is that the lizard was part of a pet adoption because it's original owners let it burn it's lip on the heat lamp. It has to have ointment put on the affected areas twice a day!

I love that her attempt to make us look like the crappy parents has resulted in her having to put medicine on a lizard daily for a couple of weeks!

Evil, but it still makes me giggle!


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Haha, reminds me of when SS wanted frogs. I said NO (after I looked the breed up online), BM said YES. DH takes a tank and frogs to her house... BM was a "hero". A week later SS tells me "Those frogs are driving me nuts, they are SO loud all night long".

Yeah buddy, that's why I said NO. I did research on them before I answered you, and the internet said they are LOUD. SS says "you are smart".... yeah, I know I am.

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Hehehehehe! Too funny! But the poor lizard, clearly he doesn't deserve to go live with BM after what he's been thru.

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ha! This sounds like something BM would do. She is constantly getting the skids new pets and then having to find them other homes for various vague reasons. She let SD pick up baby birds that had fallen out of their nest...of course they were all dead by the time SD got back to BM's from our house. The skids also told me they keep catching minnows to put in their fish tank, but they all keep dying. I don't know if she just isn't smart enough to know that wild animals are better off in the wild or if she just doesn't care that their 'pets' are meeting their demise.