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 I am so angry

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I read on this site quite a but but don’t post often unless something extreme happens. Last night BM, who is an Olympic level drinker, was drunk/rage texting DH about all kinds of non-sense. It was late and we did not respond at first. It is in their court order that all communication is to go through OFW and she typically adheres to that requirement. That is unless she is super wasted. His responses were to send messgaes thorugh OFW and stop contacting him. 


For context: Dh changed jobs a while back and it took an extra pay cycle to catch up child support payments, he is current and would never not pay his obligations to support SD17. Just for the record he pays $1900 per month for one child. For some reason, the OAG website still shows that he is $900 in arrears. He has called and confirmed he is current and was told that it takes a while to clear those messages. Ok, fine, life goes on.


However, last night BM is sending all kinds of messages about him being behind, makes a multitude of threats about contacting his job, etc. Then she threatens to contact my company. I was furious to say the least.


My mantra when it comes to BM is the following: I was not in the bedroom, delivery room or named in that divorce decree. She. Is. Not. My Problem.


I am a VP in large national company and have worked very hard to get to this position. I do not need her BS polluting my life. She sent a message to the company’s general mailbox making these same allegations and asking for someone from HR to contact her. Livid would be an understatement as to how I felt. Joke's on her – I am the VP of HR!


DH called his attorney, and we are issuing a cease and desist; she is blocked on his phone now (been blocked on mine for years) and I am trying to calm the f&*k down.





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How awful!!! I wish I had wise words or advice to give. Good on you and your DH for contacting his attorney. I hope the C&D goes through quickly. {{hugs}}

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Wow the balls on her contacting YOUR place if employment like you need your job to tell you to regulate your husband or what does she expect your wages to get garnished?

I'm glad you are in a position to halt the "complaint" but still since other people now know about her I would be so angry and mortified! I would almost be tempted to have a friendly coworker contact her and just let her vent her insanity without intent to do anything. It's probably a bad professional move but one can fantasize! How did that conversation go at your job when the message came to you??

She is going to be so pissed about the cease and desist, I hope she listens to it. Hopefully she had a regretful hangover after this stunt.


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What an appalling thing to try to do to you.  Make sure the C&D includes her not contacting your employer.

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I certainly know about the power of slander, and this being so ridiculous.

Golden Uterus Syndrom much? I hate that these BM's have this kind of power over our husbands and they somehow think that power should extend to us, for some odd reason. For example last April when Toxic Troll tried to tell DH that he should have his two "children" (FF SD22 & B/M SD15 who hate each other) over for bonding time with their Dad, and why dont I scoot over to my parent house so they can be "alone together".

My favorite phrase "Legit Crazy".

Glad that you are above all this. Can you imagine if you had not been in that position?

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I think this is just a stunt to make her feel better about her sad life. She is bitter, angry and has not moved on at all. DH and I have been married 9 years and together for 11. I came along way after their divorce so her vitriol towards me is misplaced to say the least. 

The urge/desire to call or text and lay into her stupid ass is almost overwhelming. The internal team that received the message deleted it and I thanked them for their discretion. My CPO is amazing and I gave her a heads up and let her see the email. 

As to what she hoped to accomplish - who knows? 

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Ugh. Yes, warn your boss that she is a loon and get a restraining order if you can. Hopefully she sobered up and felt like an idiot. 

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I would look up the stalking and harassment laws for your state and file charges.

Also some phone plans require blocks be renewed every 90 days.

She's pathetic.

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It was after 11:00pm when this started. I think SD17 was in her room/avoiding her BM. 

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Your DH should have at least responded with "BM you may only contact me via OFW, any further communication from you on my phone will result in my contacting the authorities for harrassment." had he done this he could have contacted the police.  Meth Mouth was blowing up DH's phone one time and he contacted to police, they told him he needed to tell her stop first, then if she didn't they could get involved.  So he sent her a text along those lines and she stopped.  

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Just read the C&D letter, it was pretty awesome and threatened every remedy/relief available to us. 

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OMG! That would piss me off SO much!! I'm sorry you're dealing with this and hope the C&D letter has its desired impact!