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Weekend Shenanigans

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Things have been quiet around here for a while, which I think gave me a false sense of security! SD16 has recently gottern her license and a new, fully loaded 2020 vehicle. We did not pay for the vehicle or the insurance; this was a huge deal for me. We have no control over the vehicle or how it is used so I did not want any potential liability issues.

Within 4 weeks of having the car, SD had backed into something and shattered the back window and gotten a speeding toicket for 15 miles over the limit. Even DH was glad we are not tied to that mess. Due to all this, BM has grounded her from her car. 

SD16 boyfriend picked her up for a date Saturday night and we told her to be home by 11:00. My DD called me around 9:30 to let me know that SD and boyfriend had been in a wreck and to see if they were ok. Ummmm, what wreck? 

We call SD and she admits to wreck, says they are ok. We head across town to retrieve her, 30 miles from where we live. I am 1000% not engaged but I went out of curiosity to see what happened. The accident occurred at 6:30, the car was totalled and towed off. Neither kid called a parent and they continued on to a birthday party. Some other kid drove them. 

She was pissed we came to get her, said she wasnt sure how she was going to get home and did not see the big deal. I asked when she was going to tell her parents and she admitted that she would not have fessed up. She also admitted that she did not call to let anyone know becasue she did not want to come home early. 

This kid is going to be the death of me. DH made her call her mom and tell her what had happened and both houses are supposed to be punishing her. I keep waiting to see how much worse her teenage years are going to be. 



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Who gives a 16-year-old a fully loaded 2020 car? WTF?   Well, keep having rules in your home and she's sure to run to BM's when she's 18, to stay. 

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You would be suprised at the dysfunction betweeen those two. Yelling, name calling, etc but toally dependant on each other. My SD has also battled Anorexia in the past (something BM did not handle well either). 

The car was stupid and I knew it would end up being a shit show which is why not being entangled in it was a hill to die on for me. 

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Mother/daughter issues are common in girls with anorexia, so no surprise there. So will BM just buy her a new 2020 car?

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The boyfriend's car was wrecked not hers. My understanding is the repairs have been made on her car and she is grounded from it for 30 days. Except to drive to school (and probably anywhere else). I just listen......

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We had the same thing happen here.  I was so glad that we did not get involved in helping pay for a car.  She wrecked it and had $3000 damage right off the bat.  Of course, they did not want to submit to insurance. lol.  That was the first time.  There have been several other occurrences.   #$%$$ that shite!

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We had 5 kids hit the age of 16 one after another since they are so close in age.  I learned that they ALWAYS, without exception, had either an accident and/or ticket in that first year.  That's why it is wisest for their first car to be tank-like.  I see the same pattern with the grandkids.

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Both of my kids had deer run into a door in the first week.  Absolutely not their fault but same thing with both of them.

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I forgot to mention that NONE of the accidents or tickets was their fault.  Lol.



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It would be wise to check and see if both bio parents are legally responsible for this idiot wrecking. In my area both parents are liable and can be sued if there is a injured party. In California, both parents have to sign for the brats license, my DAH did even though I told him that Leech was not responsible enough to have her license. DAH let Leech borrow his car to supposedly go look for a job, yeah right, Leech called two hours later from 70 miles away, she had gotten in a wreck. Totaled my DAH car, and one person had minor injuries. 11 months later we got served with a lawsuit that one person had died 10 months after the accident from a slow bleeding injury in the accident. We knew this was BS, but we were being sued for $5m for wrongful death, they went after us and BM, it was settled out of court, but they still went after both parents.

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I was in an accident six months after I got my license. A drunk in a big 4x4 caused it (I was driving a Ford Pinto - the good old days) and all I wanted was my parents. I can't imagine not calling them, or just going on to a party.