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Fired Again

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SD got a new job and DH was super excited because it was a "real" job and may lead to a career.  She was a receptionist rather than her previous server/hostess positions.  This was her quickest job to date.  She lasted less than 2 weeks before being fired for calling off/being a no show.  In the last 2 years she's been fired from 8 jobs!  8 jobs in 2 years!

BM finally steps up and tells and tells SD she's going to move back home because she needs structure in her life and she obviously isn't getting the structure she needs living on her own (technically not on her own, she's living with a family member).  I have to say finally BM stepped up to be a parent but she should have 18 1/2 years ago.  SD never had rules, consequences or structure in either BM or DH's house.  When I tried to provide a structured home I was a horrible bitch and she hated me.

For example when we found drugs in SD's car one day, I wanted to take her car away for a month.  The car was in my name,  I had every right to set the punishment.  I was told "you are being too hard on SD, she's just a teen."  "You can't take the car away she needs a car to get to school."  Sorry just because she has a license doesn't mean she needs a car, she can take the school bus.  So what does DH & BM do?  They call a family member and ask that family member "since you have an extra car can SD borrow it for the next month until she gets her car back?"  What lesson did that teach her?  She still had a car.  Guess what happened next...SD sneaks out fo the house, posts photos of herself online high and drunk at 1am.  When BM confronted her she admits she sneaks out every night after BM or DH & I go to bed.  Then a few days later another picture posted online "Sunday Funday" with a photo of her in said family members vehicle behind the wheel with a beer in her hand.  DH calls her out on it and she says "I wasn't driving, I was parked"  DH said ok, as long as you are not driving.  I asked him how did she get home from wherever she was parked?  He didn't have an answer for me.  

And if you are wondering what happened to that's now my vehicle.  I refused to provide a vehicle for her that will potential kill someone if she is drinking and driving or driving high.  I gave her enough chances and she proved she wasn't responsible enough for a vehicle.


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This girl is a mess! Its great that BM finally stepped up but she and your H have to be consistent. They always have to be on her about what she is or isn't doing. Giving her these free passes is not benefiting her and only enabling this irresponsible behavior. I'm glad you got your car back. I'd never let her drive it again. She's proven time & time again to not be responsible and can't even hold down a job. She has so much to learn and seems like its going to be the hard way.

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Any chance of you and DH removing yourselves from SD's life and drama since she is now an adult?

I wouldn't even give audience to this garbage. No listening to BM or anyone else talk about SD.

Thank you for saving the rest of us from a drunk driver.

Just yesterday I saw a Fed Ex tractor trailer overturned on the side of the highway. Police, ambulance, fire trucks, and med vac helicopter all called into the scene. It was obvious the truck had jack-knifed and flipped over to avoid something. Guess what that something was?

If you guessed a young 20-something-year-old girl waving her arms frantically as she spoke with the police with her very damaged car nearby, you're correct! All I could wonder was whose entitled brat is this that caused a major accident (probably texting while driving), and is now creating some dramatic story to try to convince the police she's not a fault?

I wonder if it's someone's SD? Probably... I feel sorry for the Fed Ex driver, as now he will have to go through the lengthy process after recovery just to be able to use his professional license again - all because of an entitled millennial who only gives a hoot about herself.

The only other time I've witnessed a truck jackknife was when another millennial young woman had parked her car in the center lane of a 3 lane highway (this highway was labeled deadliest highway in the nation). She was standing next to her car, waving her arms frantically to protect her car from oncoming traffic instead of rolling off into the breakdown lane like she should have done. This jack-knifing truck actually recovered and didn't flip over. We called the police who came out and got the woman's car off the highway before ticketing her.

I don't know wtf is wrong with so many young adults, but it is highly disturbing...

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She's unft to drive. Driving is a privelege, not a right. Good for you for sanely taking your car back for good. Sorry you're having to deal with this.

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I am glad there is one adult that recognizes the idiocracy of letting an irresponsible, immature child who drinks and does drugs have a one ton speeding death trap at her disposal. Hopefully it doesn't take a death for them to realize drinking and driving (after parking) is nothing to take chances with.