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Attorney General Paternity Result?

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Sorry if there’s typos I’m on my phone.

So I’ve posted a few times about my son’s ex girlfriend. Well they got a DNA test done from OAG and going back Friday for the results. Well she’s already cuddled back up to my son convincing him the baby is his and having him do stuff for her. Well she messages me earlier saying the OAG “basically” confirmed my son was the dad because they called her and told her that she needed to come in an hour earlier then was on the papers they recieved. Well she ask if results are in and they say yes. She takes this to mean he’s the dad because they don’t ask her any questions on other men who could be the dad and don’t cancel the meeting. 


Here’s the really weird part. My son has not been called and told to come earlier like she was. She says they didn’t call because she told them she would tell him. 

So here’s my thought

1. They never called her she’s just wanting to claim more “proof” he’s the dad.

2. He’s not the dad and they having her come early to tell them seperately.

3. OAG is really slacking on notifying parents of  mediation times.

Anyone have experience with OAG paternity test? 


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But I would have thought if he was ruled out, they would have just sent him a letter, not asked him to come in.  

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From what I'm reading, they had a pre-designated time before knowing the results?

So seperate to me means that they're giving the news seperately since they already had a time for him to come in.

I'm guessing he's probably not the dad... But keep us updated OP!

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Hope it turns out your son can escape the crazy that this woman sounds.. 

Why did he not do the at home test for faster results?

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No experience either but I hope he doesn't take her word for anything & get his info directly from the OAG itself. She sounds nuts.

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No, but it sounds just like the crazy games BM here likes to play.  He'll just have to be patient and see proof of the results.  They may have called her in an hour early because it's negative and they need more names of possible fathers from her!

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I hope that they never fall into the "woman making babies and need financial support crap".

A moms worst nightmare for a son.  A woman who won't financially support herself.

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woman making babies

Women don’t make babies out of thin air with no help at all. Maybe boys should avoid having unprotected sex with women they aren’t willing to commit to. Or at least ask if they’re financially solvent first.

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guys usually just want sex.  I was a teen girl and I still have all the memories.  If a young woman had a baby out of wedlock, it was usually because she wanted one.

BC has been around for a very, very long time.

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Majority of the girls I know that got preggo in High School... Wasn't an accident they wanted it to happen. So they made it happen.

Out of all of them I think like ONE was accidental. But only so much so, because she wasn't on birth control and decided to do the deed, so there was definitley still a huge risk she just thought she was "too young to actually get pregnant." So it was just blatent stupidity.

Guys aren't completely absolved of course, but they're normally thinking with the wrong head. And even if they do their part (condom) if a girl REALLY wants to be pregnant, there are ways to go around that (or through... with a pin...)

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My experiences mirror yours.

My SO's adult daughter got pregnant at 24 out of wedlock.  Says she was on the pill and this was an accident. 

I say nope. She was about a year into a relationship with a guy that she thought was marriage material when she got pregnant. Now the relationship is all but over, he is in prison and she probably regrets getting pregnant, but it is too late now.

Women, usually will not ever confess that she was being irresponsible with the BC. 

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Of course not. It's always an "accident." Which while actual accidents do happen. BC is like 99% accurate these days and it's HIGHLY unlikely.

I'm sure your SO's daughter regrets that hardcore... That's why people shouldn't EVER try and trap a guy with a baby...

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Well my son thought he was in a commited relationship. They were living together and he was working everyday to support her and her other child by someone else while she was sitting at home cheating. Not really his fault she was sleeping around. 

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OAG office would NOT or should not give the ok for BM to inform your son about anything. They are seperate parties in this case.

You must be on pins and needles. Please keep us posted.  As noted above I would have your son call their office.



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He (you if he’s a minor) needs to call up there and ask why there’s separate times given. It could be anything really so I wouldn’t rule him out for being the dad. They might want her early to do paperwork on child support if he is the dad or they might want her early in case he’s not the dad and might flip out. It could be just one of those things they do like when you’re in the hospital/ER and they ask you questions without anyone else around to ask about abuse and a safe place to live. I always thought it was weird they made my DH step out to ask that as I was going into of all things to worry about right this second! OP try to call and not stress about it  

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Your son should definitely not take this womans word about anything. He needs to see and hear the results for himself.  I sincerely hope they tell him, "You are NOT the father!" and he, you and the rest of the family can move forward.