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Home Paternity Test????

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So my 21 year old BS's ex girlfriend had her baby. She's still crazy as ever. He did go to the hospital and see the baby and spend the night. Next day she admits there's a "slim chance" he's not the father and did not press for him to sign the birth certificate and said they would wait and get a DNA test through the OAG office first. Course in the next breath talks about them "doing things right this time" and getting married. Guess the fact they have been broken up since October doesn't phase her marriage plans. 

Anyway after spending 24 hours at the hospital BS wanted to go home and sleep. She starts claiming her "anxitey and depression" are getting bad because he's leaving and suddendly too dizzy to get up. He went home anyway. I'm really worried that if he isn't doing what she wants she'll change her mind and start pressing him to sign the birth certificate because she knows he already loves the baby. 

So has anyone used a home paternity test and was it good? I know it won't hold up in court but seems like a quick option while we wait for the very long process of waiting for the Attorney General paperwork to get started. 


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ExH did a long time ago. He knew BM had cheated around when BM got pregnant but allowed himself to be convinced SD was his.  BM moved illegally and I needed to be sure before we spent a fortune trying to bring her back. SD was 5 and exH was too attached to risk nor seeing SD at all.  Worked great. SD was exH's BTW. 

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According to Dr. Gupta of CNN, they are 99% accurate.   Get one immediately.  

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Get one through the mail.  But do not...and I mean do NOT tell anyone your son had it done.  At least you will know what direction to take.    

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This is reeking of trap baby. Already tlaking about "doing this right." Get the paternity test. REALLY enforce that marriage isn't always the best option and you should NEVER get married for a kid.

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This is basically what my DHs ex did. First said it was his, then admitted it could be 2 other guys also, years later he found out it was actually 3 other possibilities. Guilt tripped him into being there the whole pregnancy and birth (hoping he would get attached and stay if it wasnt his) because it was "probably" his and never even told the other guys about the pregnancy. The first thing she said after telling him about it was crying "but I would marry you!" Even though they were broken up. 

I would definitely get a DNA test and tell him not to marry her. If she is that selfish and messed up in the head that she will create another life and completely change the course of his life just to get her way it isn't going to turn out well. Marriage just adds another layer of complications. And dont have him sign the birth certificate, its legally binding and shoukdnt be signed if there is any doubt. He can be added to it later if he is bio dad.

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And dont have him sign the birth certificate, its legally binding and shoukdnt be signed if there is any doubt. He can be added to it later if he is bio dad.

^^^^^^^^^Absolutely all this! Please talk to your son first. Don't allow him to be guilted into something that may not be true. Get this test done so everyone can move on with their lives. Also, is this unstable girl the type of person he would like to commit to?


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My mom used one to prove her biological father. He is in a nursing home and she was put up for adoption. His name was never listed. Once we finally tracked him down- only took 20 years after she found her bio-mom's family (BM was already deceased), my mom's 1/2 sister swabbed their father at the nursing home and we had results within a week. It was pretty easy and let eveyone on that side of the family feel at ease that my mom wasn't some crazy person trying to get money from them or their dad. 

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Did the man in the nursing home give consent to have his dna taken from him?

Glad your mom found her bio dad.


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His daughter (my mom's 1/2 sister) is the power of attorney and guardian and she was the one to do it.