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Lizard lips, Part II

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So went sent the lizard with the messed up lips home to BM (gross). My DH tends to be on the neurotic side and sent BM a text to remind her to put the ointment on the lizard daily.

She text back and said...."The lizard is so cute! Her lips remind me of SD lips when she was a baby. Don't worry, I am taking good care of Morty"(lizard's name)

Holy shit balls - did this lunatic really compare her child's lips to a lizard's lips that were burned by a heat lamp?


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ROFLMAO...sorry, could not even get past the first sentence without losing it and the guys in the office think I have just gone over the certainly brightened up my day!

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My BM is so special. This text chain was civil - I am sure the next one will be demonic and nonsensical.