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By golly

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By golly gosh! SD came again. And everyone survived. 

Its been a really busy few weeks. 

1.) my job transitioned to care coordination. If you don’t know what that is-it’s okay. Just imagine something not simple-but doable made 10x more complicated and very very poorly planned. Thanks NYS. You rock. IMHO they made this move wayyyyyy prematurely-they weren’t ready and now we are all up shit creek. Yay. Good thing I’m practically a Shit Creek Tour Guide. 

Get A Clue BM

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it will be SS12’s 13th birthday in a few days. 

Of course this has BM1 in a MOTY uproar. She’s seen her child 2x this year TOTAL. 

She is over $3k behind on child support and license has been suspended. 

I will start with CS and then move into birthday because one won’t make sense without the other. In fact, none of it makes sense. 


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I am so over my family. 

Between Uncle Jackass and my greedy cousin, and my other drunken mess of an Uncle and everyone’s denial and lack of acknowledgement I’m just done and in need of an exit strategy. 

So I’m blowin’ This popsicle stand for the weekend

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I’m meeting up with a bunch of college friends this weekend in the Berkshires for some chillaxing since it’s going to rain all weekend. We had planned on kyacking and doing outdoor stuff (which I dislike-it’s not so much the activity or being outside I just have a strong fear of weird fish, snakes, bears, bees-you know the stuff that lives in the outdoors. 

OT-All the feelings

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I just need to get this out. My emotions have been pinballing around my body for 24 hours and I’m trying really hard to regulate them and come to terms with some things. 

Last week I posted about how helpful BM2 has been with my live-in aging FIL. That is still true and not much has changed as far as she is concerned but thing developed with my FIL’s decompensation quicker than expected. 

BM has been my rock these last two days...(say what?)

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So as most of you know,  a few months ago, SO and I took in my elderly FIL who is now 78. Over the last week, his mental status has declined serverely. To the point where a once loving and funny man, hates my stinking guts, and I am the one caring for him primarily. 

BM2 cared for her elderly grandmother who had alzheimer's up until her passing in January. At a total loss for what to do for my FIL and to help him get through these fits of rage at me without doing any harm, I reached out to her to see if she had any advice. 

Another year another absence...

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BM1 was informed over a month ago that today was SS12’s IEP meeting. 


She once again swore up and down she was going to be there and once again, no call no show. 


She he also promised SO that she had made a deposit into the CS portal (also a big fat lie) 


she did uodate her profile picture and her status as a Sales Associate at T-Mobile. I didn’t know they sold a$$ there but whatevs....




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So let me preface this by saying, I have a daughter. I am someone's daugther. So while this may jepordize my feminist card, I think it's something really important for everyone, espeically young adults, to have brought to their attenion early on. 

My SO is 35. When he was 20 he was in a relationship with a young woman who assisted him acruing a substaintial amount of debt-all in his name. Furniture, jewelry, cars, credit cards. 

OH dear this one is loaded.....

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So it has actually been really eventful around here lately. 


BM1 started re-appearing about two weeks ago. She was regularly calling, telling SO she was getting her life together (again...for the 8th time), going to school to become a CNA (which is funny since, I'm not sure she'd pass state background checks but not my circus) and calling SS12 regularly. 

Friday, SO got laid off until May. Womp.