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OT- we lost MIL :(

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It’s almost been 2 weeks and it’s insane to think it’s been that long already, but we lost MIL. 

5 days before she passed we were all in her room, meeting with doctors who were telling us that while they couldn’t give an exact time frame, she could have anywhere from weeks to a few months but if her levels came back up, they would consider a 2nd round of chemo-she just needed to eat more and get moving. They were going to place her in a hospice facility really close to our house and if she was feeling better, they would check her levels again. 

Mish mash

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Oh man it’s been a busy couple weeks-and I even have some BM-related things to share! 

First we will start with the good news-I proposed to SO-he said “what the hell” *mail1* then he said yes! Needless to say e was surprised. SD9 apparently is the only one that saw it. SS14 and DD5 were busy playing in the water/looking for bugs and splashing in a mud puddle-I mean I’m the closest to the two of them-they’re my “live ins” but yeah. Whatever guys. At least SD9 was paying attention. 

OT-follow up

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Hey Lovlies. 


So so sorry to dump and run on you but it’s been a crazy couple of weeks. 


MIL has a very rare form of cancer-it’s neuroendocrine cancer that is causing her cushing’s symptoms. She spent a week in the serious hospital in my area and at the beginning of this week was moved to the hospital closer to home for palliative care. 

She has SCLC, which has metastasized to her bones and liver. 

OT-perhaps I’ve lost my mind....

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So many of your know last year FIL79 moved in with us for a time due to illness. Since then he’s gotten better-enough to be back home on his own. He’s also had another non-hodgkin’s diagnosis since then (his 5th) and just finished up chemo. 

My MIL67 in this past week, has been diagnosed with a neuroendocrine cancer and it’s not looking good at all. 

I CANNOT for the life of me stand the thought of having both seats at our eventual wedding where his parents are supposed to be empty. It absolutely f-ing wreaks me. 

OH man it’s been a minute StepTalk!

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Hey Ya’ll! 


Long time no see! I was thinking about this site today and realized I missed you! 

I looked and it’s been almost a year since my last post. 

And my my my what a year it has been! 

I don’t have any really juicy step hell updates because well, I’ve been setting bounderies like a mudder trucker and when asked speaking my damn mind. 

As many of you know, last year we took in SO’s elderly father and it was no walk in the park. 2 step kids, 2 BM’s, DD, SO FIL and I. 

Totally OT but I got a kick out of this....

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So I have been with my SO for going on 6 years. Before my SO, I was living with my ex, who I was in a relationship with for 3 years starting in college. He’s been in a relationship for quite some time now. I met the girl when I finally got around to getting my stuff, she’s really sweet and I hope like hell he treats her better than he treated me. 

Im still friends with his mom on FB. Today is his birthday. His current GF posted wishing him a happy birthday with a bunch of photos and his mom tagged so I saw it. 

By golly

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By golly gosh! SD came again. And everyone survived. 

Its been a really busy few weeks. 

1.) my job transitioned to care coordination. If you don’t know what that is-it’s okay. Just imagine something not simple-but doable made 10x more complicated and very very poorly planned. Thanks NYS. You rock. IMHO they made this move wayyyyyy prematurely-they weren’t ready and now we are all up shit creek. Yay. Good thing I’m practically a Shit Creek Tour Guide. 

Get A Clue BM

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it will be SS12’s 13th birthday in a few days. 

Of course this has BM1 in a MOTY uproar. She’s seen her child 2x this year TOTAL. 

She is over $3k behind on child support and license has been suspended. 

I will start with CS and then move into birthday because one won’t make sense without the other. In fact, none of it makes sense.