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I'm an idiot....and I know it.

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I've decided I am a self proclaimed idiot/moron.

So I went to exSo's house to pick up a few things I left that was my kids when I moved out. We were chit chatting and I asked if he had still not talked to his girls and of course he hadn't. They will not still talk to him or return his calls. Low and behold BMs SUV pulls up and the doorbell rings. It was his Daughter #2. She says she wants to get a couple pairs of shorts. So he lets her in and she goes gets the stuff.

He starts to have a convo with and this is how it went.

I know I am wrong....

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It has been a few months since the two older daughters have seen their dad. They are still refusing to and BM wont make them. Even after the eldest wishing death on her father (who is sick) he still tries to talk to her. But they are refusing to own up to anything. Heck, they wont even answer their phone when he calls.

So when is enough, enough? Is it ever okay to just thrown in the towel and just be done with them? BM is blaming SO (or whatever our relationship is.) The girls hate their father and blame him when he doesnt jump when they say jump anymore.


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I always talk about how I can't stand my exSO's three daughters. I guess I should do some clarification. It's the two OLDER daughters I just can't deal with. He does have a younger one who just turned 7 but has alot of developmental problems and is possibly on the Autism Spectrum. She is repeating Kindergarten again and is still behind. Her social skills she lacks. HOWEVER I do have to say she is a very loving little girl. She always wants me and me to do things with her and for her. I think maybe it got to much so I got frustrated.

You would think....

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I hope the StepTalk Community doesn't mind that I am still here even though I recently left my SO. But this community has helped me in so many ways when it came to dealing with not only my SO at the time but his three daughters. I just really feel comfortable with this community still.

Soap Opera....

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I swear, exSO's life would make one hell of a Soap Opera or Lifetime Movie Network movie. Even though we split up, I still keep in contact with him. After all, were good friends before we even got together.

I guess it doesn't really matter but I am wondering....

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Recap - SO has three daughters. When I moved in with SO six months ago the eldest was told she needed to share a room with her sister (makes sense because the next oldest kid is his kid.) She got upset and felt that all three of my kids should be piled nto one room while her and her two sisters took over 2 more bedrooms. Now my BKs are with me M-F and go to their dad's house on the weekends. His kids aren't there all the time.


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So I have still moved out and SO (or whatever he is) has not picked up his kids. But he has been speaking to the oldest since she all of a sudden is contacting him more. Kinda weird least they are being civil to one another.


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So, since SO told his daughters that I had left (and of course they acted like they had no freakin clue why I would leave), I have not heard from them at all. I mean, when I at least lived in the house I would get a text every now and then asking if they could get a ride somewhere or if Icould take them to get their nails done or something.