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I always talk about how I can't stand my exSO's three daughters. I guess I should do some clarification. It's the two OLDER daughters I just can't deal with. He does have a younger one who just turned 7 but has alot of developmental problems and is possibly on the Autism Spectrum. She is repeating Kindergarten again and is still behind. Her social skills she lacks. HOWEVER I do have to say she is a very loving little girl. She always wants me and me to do things with her and for her. I think maybe it got to much so I got frustrated. She is the child that got left behind because SO and BM does everything to satisfy the younger girls.

Granted she has alot of problems but she is a good kid and wants to help. She has always been very loving and affectionate towards me. She has some issues but I have worked with mentally disabled children/adults in the past so I can actually work with her and I have. And while I was at SO's house her work got better. All it took was some one on one time. I would go to the dollar store and get this kid dollar workbooks and coloring pads and crayons and she would LOVE it. You would have thought I took her to Disney World. Seriously, it was truly the little things she wanted. Her two older sisters are mean to her and beat her up. Call her stupid and retarded. I confronted exSO about it and he did put a stop to it (at least with the retarded comments.) I won't stand for it.

Anyway, I am not living with SO but the little girl is very fond of my 10 year old bio daughter. He picked her up and took her to dinner for her birthday. She asked if my daughter and myself could come. I thought it would be a big no-no but I did it. I can't believe the change in her. Seriously, when she is not around her sisters she has so much more confidence. My daughter is very loving and has never put her down or mean to her. That is because I I won't tolerate "bullies." It makes me miss her and only her! I don't miss her older sisters and I don't care if I ever saw them again.

I guess I am going back and forth with my emotions about this little girl. Is it possible to even just have a somewhat relationship with this little girl and not her older sisters? ExSO seems to have no problem with it (at least that is what he says.) I have no desire to move back with SO at this moment because I am focusing on ME and my kids right now. But I miss this little girl. Whenever I was feeling down she would just come up to me and say out of the blue "I love you" and "You are just so beautiful."

Am I wrong to have nothing to do with the other two older ones and just with her? My exSO knows that this little girl was pushed behing for her older sisters. And I am good for her and I know it. But I also know that he is a package deal and it comes with two disrespectful unappreciative two older daughters. Who have thrown me under the bus to many times to count.