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I guess it doesn't really matter but I am wondering....

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Recap - SO has three daughters. When I moved in with SO six months ago the eldest was told she needed to share a room with her sister (makes sense because the next oldest kid is his kid.) She got upset and felt that all three of my kids should be piled nto one room while her and her two sisters took over 2 more bedrooms. Now my BKs are with me M-F and go to their dad's house on the weekends. His kids aren't there all the time. I explained to SO that my three kids sharing one room is NOT in the equation and that she needs to share a room with her sister (after all my kid would have to share a room with his kid too, and then my two younger ones would share a room.) So it's two in a room (and they would be over when my kids are at their dads so what is the big deal?) SO agreed and she got upset and moved out (she lives a half mile down the road.) Came over to visit maybe twice in six months for a few hours once being on my BDay in January and taking a knife to my BDay cake because SO wouldn't take her home so she could charge her phone. So daugther #1 told SO she wasn't never living with him again and called him a horrible father. However, she has had NO PROBLEMS asking him for money to get her nails done, ride to practice, rides to friends house, money.

Now we are to daughter #2. She was logging in on AIM on the schools computer during class hours. She was messaging SO. He told her to stop and log off and she ignored him. I pointed out to him that she signed something in the middle of the year stating that if they were caught on AIM, Facebook, or Myspace they could be suspended (she was just in trouble a few weeks earlier for bullying.) Anyway, she messages him again and he tells her to log off. She doesn't do it but does it 45 mins later. He tells her that she is now in trouble for disobeying him. And that she knows she isn't suppose to be on AIM period. So she tells SO that "she thinks he is riding her because of the school computer so she isn't coming over anymore."

Now SO is friends with a woman and her husband (the wife use to work with SO at the hospital and live around the corner.) The husband has a daughter (previous marriage) their age so even though the BM doesn't know this couple she still lets the girls go over to spend the night with the daughter. a few weeks ago I came upon an Email the wife (who originally is friends with my SO) telling him how the girls came over and they were so sad and how dare he pick "a piece of ass" over his daughters and how could he let the "piece of ass manipulating him from seeing his daughter" and that "how dare I move two hours away with his "new family." Now, this is only information she could only gotten from SO's daughters which by the was EVERYTHING WAS A LIE! SO fired back and defended me set the record straight. He asked the girls why they said it and of course they denied and said they loved me.

I couldn't take the crap anymore so I moved out the following week. I was still seeing SO but it was only him and I and I did NOT have anything to do with his children. Never talked to them or heard from them. But the daughters knew he was seeing me still (and they didn't want to come back to visit then.) But in the mean time they were still calling him asking for rides to practice, to their activities, extra money and etc....

So last Wednesday I met up with SO for coffee and I had some earrands so he tagged along. He gets a message from the daughter #1 asking if she could come back. At first I thought nothing of it. So on Friday I get a voicemail from daughter #2 and she is asking me to give her a ride to her school dance because BM is working. Now, none of these girls have called me, none have even called to say thank you for the Vday stuff I had purchased for them before I had originally moved out. Well that really set me off and I just told SO on Friday night I was done and I couldn't take the drama and basically broke it off with him.

So I am wondering if they are now wanting to come back because they are sorry they were horrible to their father and to me (but since I am not in the picture it doesn't matter) of if they are wanting to move back because I'm gone. I asked EXSO (I guess that is what he is) if that was the case and he said he had asked them and that they said they wanted to still come back even if I was there and they wanted me to move back.

Now, after blasting me to exSO's family friend and moving out and all that BS they pulled (up to including still asking me to give them rides and I didn't even live in the house) could it be they are sincere and is exSO just in denial because he believes they are ready to come back and be somewhat normal?