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Marriage Counseling pt. 2

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I spent HOURS on the phone trying to find a marriage counselor. When I finally found someone who was a) in the office and b) accepting new patients, I was told that DH and I cannot go through "marriage counseling" due to him having "domestic violence" on his record from BM's bogus RO. Apparently that's some sort of law in Kentucky?

OT(ish) Marriage Counseling

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Does anyone have experience with marriage/couples counseling? DH has agreed to go (though I believe it's just to throw me under the bus, but who knows), and I am so confused as to where to begin.

I am looking at the enormous list of providers covered by our insurance, and I have no idea how to narrow it done. What questions should I ask? Or should I just pick one, go, and see if they're worth going back to? I've been googling reviews, but that isn't very helpful.

Trust, or lack thereof.

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I have a Tumblr account, which I might use a few times every few months or so. I never post "personal" things, just re-blog memes, etc. It's something that I do to pass time occasionally. I'm not sure how we got on the subject, but last weekend, I mentioned this to DH. A few hours later (and far gone from the Tumblr topic), DH started this conversation:

Frustrated with DH.

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I am so sick of DH's attitude as of late. I'm not sure whether this has anything to do with him not seeing/speaking to skids or MIL calling him more than usual or what, BUT HE'S DRIVING ME NUTS.

So far this evening, I have been treated like crap because I 1.) Did not want to go to Sonic with him to get ice cream because I am on a diet (the same diet I've been on for a month, it's not like he didn't know). I told him that I didn't want to go, and BOOM! That turned in to me not wanting to spend time with him. 2.) Asked him to turn the bright light off in the living room.


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BM did NOT show up for court this afternoon.

After reading the motion and hearing from our lawyer, the judge decided to reschedule for the 24th to give BM time to show since she "couldn't get off of work". The judge also said that if BM fails to show again, DH will "more than likely" be granted his motion to have his visitation restored to what it was pre-RO.

Court update.

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BM called OUR attorney this afternoon to request that the court date be moved further out. Our attorney called DH to see if this was okay. DH told him that under no circumstances does he want the date changed, as BM does not work with us and we have no obligation to use even more money to work with her. So, after BM received this message, she informed our lawyer that she would NOT be in court and there was nothing we could do about it. BM told our lawyer that she was confident that the judge would not make any modifications since she wasn't able to make it.