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Marriage Counseling pt. 2

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I spent HOURS on the phone trying to find a marriage counselor. When I finally found someone who was a) in the office and b) accepting new patients, I was told that DH and I cannot go through "marriage counseling" due to him having "domestic violence" on his record from BM's bogus RO. Apparently that's some sort of law in Kentucky?

I explained the situation to the receptionist, and she made an individual appointment for just me on Thursday. At that point, the therapist will go further into detail as to what needs to happen (whether we will be able to go together, or whether it will be an 'I go, you go' situation). I don't necessarily find this to be a bad thing, if DH will agree to go on his own (but I don't think he will). If not, I think I'll still go. I'm at the point in my life/relationship where I feel that I would benefit either way.


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How the hell is a RO from a previous spouse stopping them from marriage counseling with his current wife?!? That's insane!

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That's like saying, "If you have a mental illness, you can't go to counseling." Arent' those some of the people who need it most??