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I will put my blog in the comments. Not sure why this particular blog will not post.


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Following the court fiasco in June, it was suggested to me by my mother to write to Dr. Phil. I figured that it couldn't hurt and wrote a letter as a last stitch effort to help the situation, skids, etc. I did not hear back from anyone, regarding that letter.

Well, last Tuesday while I was scrolling through the news feed on Facebook, I noticed that the show was looking for step-families in crisis. Since I had saved the previous letter, I said "what the heck" and resent it. To my surprise, I received a call from a producer the following day. :jawdrop: Our conversation included different questions about our situation, why I though BM was a nut case, etc. After the call, I was e-mailed a questionnaire to fill out with more detail. The next day, the producer called DH and got his side of the situation. She then got BM's number. We were told that we were wanted for the show that is taping this Wednesday. However, we had to wait to see if BM would agree to go on the show (or at least let us talk about her).

Since we have not heard back from the producer, I'm assuming that BM said no (or she wouldn't answer the phone because she thought it was a bill collector }:) ) Because BM is a $$ grubbing, attention whore, I figured that she would have jumped at a chance for a free trip to LA and being on national television.

Guess she didn't want to be called out on her BS abuse allegations.