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OT - C'Tucky gone off the deep end...

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My mom texted me about 2 hours ago to tell me not to answer any calls or messages from C'Tucky, my SSis.

Apparently, she got fired from her job that she's had about 9 months, got evicted from her apartment, is using meth, and her new BF has a warrant out for his arrest for dealing meth.

Yep. MOTY right there. I thought she hit rock bottom in the past, but NOPE. I knew sh*t would hit the fan again, but am honestly surprised by the meth. I figured she'd go something a bit more pedestrian like heroin.

Details to come, I'm sure.

OT - Pregnant and searching for a new daddy

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Disclaimer: this doesn't have to do with me. I haven't totally lost my marbles.

My friend is single and on a popular dating app. He has been talking to this woman for a few days and liked her preliminarily. Similar interests, cute, educated - everything you want in a possible paramour.

That is, until she updated her dating profile and put that she is pregnant and about to be a single mom. "And if that bothers you, don't bother messaging me."

I knew it had been too quiet for too long...

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DH got a call from BM stating that her electric is being turned off at 10:00 PM tonight. According to her, it's not due to non-payment. No, it's because her XH of over a year finally decided to take the electric out of his name, so they are just coming out to turn it off since he took it out of his name.

Now, I don't know much about utilities, but it seems odd that, out of nowhere, the electric company calls and says it's getting shut off TONIGHT with no warning. Especially since someone is living in the apartment. Especially when the bill is paid in full.

Everyone's Favorite Medical Expense: Braces

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The boys need braces. There is no question about that. We've known for a while that they need them, and DH and I picked a better dental plan to accommodate.

So, knowing that DH and I cover dental on the boys, did BM bother to tell DH that she took them for consults? Did she bother to tell the orthodontist that they have dental insurance that covers braces? Did she bother to inform DH about the appointment? Did she bother to discuss with him the price beforw signing off on the payment plan?

OT - Vas Reversal Day! *UPDATED*

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DH is having his vasectomy reversal today. I'm an anxious mix of all kinds of emotions. DH is cool as a cucumber (and complaining he's uncomfortable because he's wearing sweatpants in public...with a button-up shirt because he just *can't* wear only a t-shirt).

So send any good juju that you have!

UPDATE: Surgery went well. They found sperm! I never thought I'd be so happy to see a picture of the little buggers, but I'm elated!

Conflicting Opinions about SSis

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For those of you who don't know the full story about my SSis (who I affectionately began refering to as C**tucky, or C'Tucky for short), please take a few minutes to go and read. It's entertaining, at the very least.

She actually moved back to Home State and has been working since Thanksgiving. She just started renting in her home town and is living on her own. Not living with a boy toy. Not mooching ofd anyone. She's actually standing on her own two feet for thw first time in 34 years. Congrats.

What is with folks wanting to rid their lives of SKs?!

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While also wanting to keep their spouse and think their spouse should focus almost solely on their "new family".

Folks, I get disengaging when either your spouse or SK is being obtuse. I get closing your home to a violent and/or dangerous SK. I get saying NO to adult SKs.

But if you have a school-aged SK who acts out, or minor SKs whose CP is no longer capable of providing care, the responsibility to address and fix that situation falls on your spouse.


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DH and I are mega-nerds (okay, he is the mega-nerd; I'm just a nerd). One of our (his) favorite performance group is hosting a live show this summer, and tickets sell out insanely fast. As in, in less than 30 minutes, tickets costing several hundred dollars each were GONE.

Guess who got tickets? In the 4th row? Center?

Yours truly.

I win Wife of the Year.

My DH is BACK!

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It was a few rough months of Disney Dad re-emerging, but the DH I know and love is BACK!

Over the weekend, there was a kid thing, and I went with DH because it was on a side of town with stuff to do so we were going to make a day of it after. We show up to the thing, caffeine in hand, to see BM, GBM, MIL, and YSS waiting around for the thing to start (OSS was participating in said thing).