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OT - Sperm Donor or Vas Reversal?

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So, it's time to give parenthood a shot. I finally have some downtime to make some appointments and get this ball rolling. However, I am in need of some opinion/insights on which route to go.

DH could get a vasectomy reversal. Pro of this is that the child is biologically his (which would irk BM to no end, and I get some twisted pleasure out of that). Con is that it has been a LONG time, DH has been a smoker and hasn't been the nicest to his body, and he got the full enchilada when he got snipped. He was really planning on never having kids again. Also, this route gets pricey.

GBM sent me a Happy Mother's Day message...

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It was on FB. It was clearly part of a chain. However, I have no children. I do engage with my SSs. I have been a good influence on DH in regards to the boys. I am polite to both BM and GBM when I see them.

However, again, I have no children. And we aren't friends. And she has been a real something to my DH (and even BM and the boys) in the past.

UPDATED Update to BM taking DH's Last Name Again

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ORIGINAL: So, I had assumed that her changing her name back to DH's after a decade as her DH's name was a result of her getting divorced.

Apparently I was right. Apparently it happened a month ago. Apparently I knew because she said it in front of me at one of the drop offs (clearly I pay attention) according to DH.

VENT - BM changed her name BACK to DH's...

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...and by proxy, MINE!

For over a decade, she has been Mrs. NDH's Name. However, once the boys started complaining about being called by his last name (which was conveniently around the time she got a BF and kicked out her DH, hmm...), she decided she needed to change it back. Ya know. "For the kids".

How Much CS Do You Have to Pay to Say "That's What CS is For?"

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This is just an open discussion, so please be civil.

We all know that CS is a touchy topic and that some Naps pay a boatload and others pay very, very little.

So, my question is, at what point does a NCP pay enough to say "that is what CS is for"? At what point does a NCP need to get a better paying job/a second job?


OT - Friendship probably over, but should I feel guilty?

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DH and I have a mutual friend that we will call M. M clearly has a whole host of mental health issues - depression, anxiety, and anger are the big ones. Depression has been diagnosed, but the others are extremely obvious. My couchside diagnosis is bipolar disorder with manic tendencies.

OT - Anyone else getting pop-ups?

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I have been getting an INSANE number of pop-up ads from the website on my phone, and it only seems to be getting worse. Every time I come back to the main blog page, pop-up. Half the time I click on a blog, pop-up.

Anyone else experiencing this? Dawn - is there anything that can be done on the admin side? I understand that you need to make money on the ads, but this is getting absolutely ridiculous.

Struggling to not hate BM right now...

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I'm very much struggling with BM (and, by proxy, DH) mentally at the moment, and I'm hoping getting it out helps.

BM is working again. According to OSS, she is in training right now making more than she was at the last place. She will be making much more (relatively speaking) once she is done with her training program in a few months. This is great news.

No way are we putting $700 towards this...

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BM forwarded an email from OSS's school to DH (why DH didn't get the email directly from the school is a mystery, but I digress). OSS is part of an early college program, and the email was mostly year-end wrap-up stuff: information about scheduling, minor changes to the program, spring fundraiser, etc. All this is information BM could share at the next exchange, so I'm all confused as to why DH gets this email.

Then I see it, right there at the bottom of the page.

There is a two-week early college program that would give OSS college credits for $700.