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Oh ET. Just...Oh.

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So a few updates for folks who would like them:

1.) We successfully moved and sold our old house! Leaky toilet and pet-stained carpet aside, it has been pretty smooth.

2.) ET didn't pay YSS's school fees for this past year. She gets a STEEP discount on those fees. The grand total she didn't pay? $35. Yep. She has had since July to pay $35 and she hasn't. Mind you, she paid nothing towards OSS's college, amd DH put more than double that into YSS's lunch account. She well and truly now pays absolutely nothing for her kids - not even the measly school fee.

I now know why ET hated (hates?) me...

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OSS spilled the tea (actually, lots of tea that I won't be discussing, but this has to do with me and is insane so I'm sharing).

ET started hating me back in the day because I tried parenting her kids. Seems reasonable.

What was the great offense I committed? I was telling DH about some stuff that happened in a movie so he could decide if it was too adult for YSS (who was 9 or 10 at the time) to watch. 

Maybe Today Satan

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Y'all, I'm burnt TF out.

Work is chaotic at best, and will remain so until August. We're two weeks out from moving so everything that is non-essential like books and activities are all packed away. I'm halfway vaccinated so I can't go out and do too much yet. We have a trip planned for later this summer, but it's still 60+ days out. 

Good News about YSS

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Short update: YSS had a therapy appointment earlier this week. DH participated in the appointment because they were updating his care plan.

The therapist asked YSS how often he has been having suicidal thoughts, and he said he hadn't had them in a while. When he started therapy, it was daily.

ET Tells Her Kids They're Brainwashed

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Apparently when ET took the boys to lunch last week, the three of them got on the topic of the COVID-19 vaccines. DH, the boys, and myself are pro-vaccine and have been taking precautions to prevent COVID. ET and her DH? Not so much.

Anyway, vaccines are now available to anyone old enough to get them. I signed myself and OSS up for the vaccine. I showed DH how to sign up. We've both told YSS when it's available for his age (hoping soon!) that we'll get him the vaccine. We aren't pushing the boys to get it; they want it.

I suppose an update is in order...

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YSS went to ET's for part of spring break and seemed to enjoy himself. She didn't have his room ready yet, so he apparently slept on the couch. Trying not to be grumped by that one as someone who has managed to pack and clean a house to move while working full time and not disrupting YSS in that process, AND while going to school, but whatever. Can't expect a woman who isn't working to clear out a room for her kid that she's had 2 full months to clean out.

Oh, right, school. So, ET isn't working, but she is in school.

To be a bartender.

Lt. Dad's Fireside Chat: You Don't NEED Your SO...

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Yes, yes, come take a seat STalkers. Veteran members, grab your two cents for the collection box. Aniki, mix us up something good at the bar.

If you're new and never been to one of my fireside chats, here's what you need to know:

I start a thread on a specific topic and offer my advice. Then, I open the floor for veteran members and the well-initiated to share additional insight, feedback, etc.

Today's chat is going to be short from me. STalkers - you don't NEED your SO. You WANT your SO.

OT - House Anxiety

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You're probably going to see several blogs from me in the coming weeks not really step-related just so I can get out some stress/anxiety.

We had the home inspection today of the new house. A few things that we'll need to address, but nothing major. All good news!

We've spent the entire last week packing and getting our current house "show ready". I don't know why, but going to the inspection for the new house has sent my anxiety through the roof. I keep thinking "what if something major is wrong with our current house and we just don't know it?!"

OT - Endometriosis

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So, my fertility doc called yesterday to say she wanted to do a contrast ultrasound and scope to check me for endometriosis since I didn't get pregnant via three rounds of IUI.

Honestly, I'm a bit taken aback that she'd jump to this conclusion considering that, of the three IUIs we did, only one had an optimal sperm count and another had an adequate sperm count.

And so the next chapter begins...

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I figured I would just start a new blog since folks had questions/suggestions in the last one what would be answered in this one.

We had an offer accepted on a house!

We are moving in about 60 days to YSS's school district. Overall, this is good. DH and I had been talking prior to everything about moving because our house just isn't big enough. Granted, how we're doing it isn't how we wanted, this will get us the space we need at a good price.