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Lt. Dad's Fireside Chat Series: Good vs. Right Partners

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Welcome back everyone. Take a seat next to the cozy fireplace. Grab a glass of wine, some popcorn, and a marshmallow to toast. Today we're going to cover good versus right partners.

When we think about the "perfect" partner, we tend to be very vague in our descriptions. We want them attractive, smart, driven, employed, good in bed, etc. We scour the earth looking for our lobster to join claws with, and when we find one - OH, it's MAGICAL!


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Ahhh, yes. That word rears its ugly head again.

Before I go into that story, a quick recap of my weekend.

I'm chilling on my couch last night, watching some television, finishing up my breakfast-for-dinner when there is a loud knock at my door. Odd. I'm not expecting visitors. In a pandemic? Why, it's simply not advisable!

So after I stop clutching my pearls and fanning the vapors from my face, I open the door and see BM and the boys with their two week bags.


Give Me Strength for Grad Weekend

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Y'all, lend me your strength and positive energy because tomorrow is going to be a test of my wits and patience.

OSS graduates from high school.

They're doing a drive-thru ceremony.

It's only one car per family.

I'm sure you can add up the variables and come to the solution, but in case word problems weren't your strong suit (no worries, not mine, either), I will be sharing a vehicle with BM and her DH for a few hours.

And I can't pregame because I'm likely going to be driving so DH can watch and take pictures (my choice).

Strokes and C'Tucky

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This is step-related, but more of me as a SD than a SM. This post may get deleted if I think I share too much.

My SF did have a stroke. He's still in the hospital, but doing well. He has some milestones he has to meet before he gets released, but it'll take a few days. He should be able to rehab at home. All good news.

Bad news: This has brought C**tucky, my SSis, out of the woodwork. Read my previous blogs about her to understand the nickname. You'll find one from around Thanksgiving 2018 to be particularly relevant because, drumroll please...