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Update, but still at the end of my rope...

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DH and I had a chance to talk Sunday. We were going to talk last night, but he blew out a tire on his car trying to go to work, and I needed to actually go into the temp "office", so we didnt get his car towed (he limped home) until almost 8pm. He managed to get the car home and proceeded to emotionally break down. He's drained and at his limit, too. The man has cried for 2 days, and he never cries.

During out chat on Sunday night, my major sticking point was the money to BM. DH responds well to logic, so I tried to logic into his emotional brain.

I'm at the end of my rope...

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BM asked for money. Again. Several hundred dollars, actually, to help GBM get her car out of impound and to fix BM's truck that had tire or wheel issues.

DH went to FIL who wrote a check to BM. Whatever.

We were supposed to do family pictures today. Yesterday, we took the kids to find button-up shirts for the pictures. At no point did they mention that they forgot to bring their nice shoes (OSS) or jeans (YSS).

No, this was brought up at 9am when they were told to go shower and get ready. DH's response? "It'll be fine, just go get ready."

Really OT: Family photos at JC Penney

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My MIL and Mom have been *begging* for family photos from DH and I, so I'm caving this year (much to DH's chagrin) and decided to book a session at JC Penney.

I've never used them, and their website is particularly vague and very "contact your local store for details". Here is what I want to know if anyone has used them before:

1.) Can we do 4 different photos - one of DH and I, one of DH and the boys, one of the boys, and one of all of us - in one session?

2.) How many props is too manu props?

Oh delightful, SSis is back...

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C'Tucky is back in Anti-Canada, and I can't even begin to figure out how much of her story is truth or fiction.

Brief recap: C'Tucky is my SF's daughter, early 30s with 4 kids she had her rights stripped from who were adopted by her GUBM-MOTY-Crazy as a Loon BM. After getting out of jail for child neglect, she abused the good graces of my mom and SF, ran away to Alabama in the night, then migrated up to Kentucky where she met and married her DH and began raising his 3 daughters. This has all happened in the last 8-10 years.

"I don't know how I'm going to pay for Christmas..."

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*deep, cleansing breath*

I will start out by saying that DH and I haven't had our fireside chat yet. His company has been going through layoffs, and his counterpart was let go. DH has been working overtime and trying to get a handle on his new double-sized team scattered across the country. It has been a rough couple of weeks, but next weekend after Thanksgiving should an excellent time to chat (we've already made plans to go out shopping for a few home things, so being somewhat distracted will help us talk but break up it so we can digest; it has worked well before).

New SSis Drama

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Read my previous blogs if you'd like to know my feelings about C**tucky (C'Tucky for short).

Her DH quit his job. Mind you, he is the "sole breadwinner" and I use that term loosely. She "can't work" so she raises her 3 SDs. They live in Section 8 housing in the middle of nowhere Kentucky. 

Well, they LIVED in Section 8 housing. C'Tucky posted on Facebook that they are being evicted and have no money/place to go. Cue calling my SF in tears. She wants a divorce. She can't keep doing this. Blah blah blah.

How to approach the "stop enabling her" convo with DH

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Thank you to the folks who commented on my last blog. DH and I talked, and while he sees that the current financial situation isn't working for me, he sees making changes as just a way to appease me. He doesn't agree with changing how he approaches BM, and I feel like I'm dealing with Guilty Daddy than DH.

Buy them fracking SOCKS!

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Ah yes, we are fully aboard the "BM won't buy the kids anything" train again.

At drop off, BM spouted a list of things the kids need DH to purchase over the weekend. On the list included socks.

Socks. Fracking socks. SOCKS!

Less-than-$10-a-bag SOCKS?!?!

I reminded DH this morning that we are likely going to spend $200 this weekend on the list of things the boys need. This is after spending $200 the visit before. And $200 the visit before that. On top of the $1,000 a month that BM gets in CS.

OT - Working from Home Struggle is Real

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Y'all, I'm hitting my breaking point with working from home. Really, last Monday began my downward decent into inner turmoil.

For those unaware, my office building had a major water catastrophe that closed the building in late summer. We were slated to be moved back in sometime in the next two weeks, but the damage was worse than anticipated. So now I'm working from home until January.

He. Is. Not. Your. Husband.

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I have had a suspicious for a while now that BM treats OSS like a husband. Not in a creepy incestual way, but definitely an emotional one.

My suspicions were confirmed last week. As I was picking OSS up from a friend's house, he was talking about how his friends were thrilled he was staying with us because they could actually text him while with us.

I asked why they couldn't text him at BM's, which is a valid question since DH and I pay for the phone that BM has never had an issue with OSS having (and "appreciates" us paying for since she "can't").