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almost EVERY night we have the skids for dinner....except Wed nights and every other weekend. Last night my SS bitched and moaned about dinner and I said "OK--well instead of making you eat it and you getting a spanking" (like his father usually does) "The choices are---eat half of your dinner...or shower and go to bed early" --His father had already agreed to this choice.

The Skids BM does not feed them breakfast or lunch and only dinner on Wed and EOW so she just lets them eat whatever they like......

Finally Explained Myself

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From previous posts I have admitted/explained that I moved from a different state, living alone, came and went places as I pleased to living with my boyfriend and 3/4 of the time his 3 kids are with us. I can still come and go when I please but I am not alone--and not anywhere close to family and friends.....AND still looking for a job so I am out of my comfort zone 200% if not more.


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I have not blogged here for a while.

I have a blogspot blog I also blog on--some friends know about it but not everyone...if you are interested in reading it--let me know..I love followers and opinions!


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Dumb Bitch's (BM) fiance smokes in the house and vehicle around the kids...--and the kids talk about taking "gummy vitamins" to help with fighting exposure. For the 10th millionth time their father and I have told them..."Those vitamins do not help with the exposure to toxins from the smoking".

Funny how my SO smokes sometimes and was nagged constantly by BM while 10+ years married to stop. He only smokes out doors and he smokes about 2 a day. (Still working on quitting but with her drama that is hard)

BM's not happy....LOL

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Dumb Bitch (the BM) asked us to have the kids for "her" weekend to take them to get school supplies. this is fine and we will purchase the supplies but what exactly does child support cover again?

We buy clothes--that we rarely ever see again
We feed them during our time and they also take home snacks and food.
We pay for health insurance, dr visits and meds (because she never has the $)
We pay for their sports/activities/photos
The Skids say things like "When Daddy pays Mommy this month we are going or getting...."

Pulling hair out

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My last portion of my last blog said this:

"Their BM aka Dumb Bitch texted daily during the vacation asking to talk to the skids. We replied once in a while but the Skids did talk to her about 4 times. My 2 SD's both cried toward the end of the vacation for their mother. We tried calling her and she did not answer. They got to her house today around lunchtime and my SO called and told me that she said "You technically have them the rest of this week"

BMs ring

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I have a situation....

My dear Boyfriend.....has both of his Ex-Wives rings. Yhe original engagement ring (that the stone fell out of) and the 10yr Anniversary/Wedding 4ct diamond ring to replace the old one....She threw her newer ring at him during a fight when she was caught with someone else. He kept it and found it in a mini drawer while looking for a tool in his tool box.

Home again!

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I am not sure when I will get into a vehicle again....after approx 18+/- hours both ways with Skids sleeping, arguing, making loud noises, crying, screaming, spilling, etc. I just want a vacation from everyone! LOL

The trip east(but not coast) was summed up as successful...but I also excluded myself from a few "family" moments so their dad and his family could spend time together. I also was in some pain from falling down wooden steps in the dark the night we left for our trip so I did not feel as bad staying in to rest up and just have me time.

Mid Trip status

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The long drive was horrible.... But then again you all probably figured it would be. We saw some of my family for breakfast and dinner along the way which was nice. I hurt my foot RIght before we got on the road so I was in pain and had lack of sleep for over 30hours.