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"Lovely" Labor Day weekend

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On this lovely Labor Day weekend--

My SO baked a quiche this morning for breakfast--everything the kids normally eat was put in it.(eggs, milk, sausage and cheddar)..and the skids complained...My youngest SD cried so bad she threw up and it just went on and on and on. They are very picky eaters and my SO who is usually calm and laid back was at the end of his rope about both of us cooking and getting told it was gross before they even tasted it. Granted ALL parents have experienced this---my skids are not getting pizza, nuggets and french fries every meal like their BM feeds them. (if she feeds them at all)

I told my SO that we needed to CLEAN....His kids do the bare minimum with plenty of complaining and then once they finish they think they deserve a reward. NOT Happening today. I have to bitch and bitch for my SO to get on board with cleaning their bathroom--(him helping them/directing them)

Their bathroom---is nasty--and I clean the one my SO and I share--but not theirs...Lately we have been finding poop covered toilet paper in their trash can.....(I wondered why there are flies always in that bathroom!) GROSSSSS! and I started going in there to check now because their bathroom smells like a port-a-potty. We have narrowed it down to being one of the girls..but neither admit to doing it. NOTHING is wrong with our toilets that they would need to throw toilet paper into the trashcan. So--we are monitoring that like hawks until we catch the culprit.

Now that my SO got into piss off mode after breakfast chaos he had them clean their rooms and then each one did something in their bathroom. He monitored and it smells and looks...CLEAN...(Lets see how long this lasts!) I mopped the floor after they finished the bathroom chores assigned. My SO swept prior to my mopping and he did a crap job. GREAT right? their own father sucks at cleaning too. He said he did not see the band aid wrapper on the floor.. REALLY?!?

So we have tried different approaches to having chores/responsibilities but they all get back talk and crying. these are 10, 9 and 7 year old skids. I also am at the end of my rope about meal time. I ignore them but they hide food in napkins, drop it on the floor, take frequent bathroom trips. All the sneaky things I remember doing as a kid myself--that I got caught and spanked for. So---what do you all do that works?????


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Thanks ya'll----I am going to talk to my SO again about it.. I did think about it more and I want to enjoy what I like to cook---so if they don't like it...oh well. The skids are this way to their BM and grandparents (both sides) I just kept thinking they treated me shitty..but I talked to both grandmothers and my SO mentioned it before and it makes more sense...but....the BM ignores them and grandma's SPOIL them--cater to their I am sure its super confusing to the kids....and they know how to play the game. SS tore up his mothers front door because she asked him to do yard work..she got out her phone and videoed him having a screaming fit in the front lawn and sent it to my SO.. he was horrible to her--so I am starting to feel better that he is a huge terror to his mother also. The Girls aren't so bad..they aren't angels though. Will keep ya'll posted! Dirol