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I have not blogged here for a while.

I have a blogspot blog I also blog on--some friends know about it but not everyone...if you are interested in reading it--let me know..I love followers and opinions!

I had a recent 5-6 day break from the skids and my boyfriend..which I really needed.....to reflect on my life--my situation and just get away... I really encourage everyone that gets super overwhelmed to just take a breather--even for a few hours or day if possible. I felt like I had no where to go...and am blessed I have some family 5 hours from me...which is where I escaped to.

I am cringing at how the skids are going to act as they become teenagers.....they have plenty of attitude most of the time and I really was a shit as a teenager myself...so--Lord help me!

The skids are going to be here for a long weekend...the first weekend with them since I escaped. I have them until around 2pm tomorrow because of teacher/parent conferences at the school...Their BM will pick them up after....but she never does show up on time....good thing they live close..I will drop them off if she isn't going to come by at 2.

We have been really tight with money---and I think...THINKKKK I got my boyfriend to comprehend we AREN'T making ends meet when he says shit to me like "It was just $30" I finally said "OK--I can't pay the car note...or student loans...or our cellular bill....so "JUST $30 is fucking it up more!" UGH! The kids also think they can get whatever they want because their grandmother(s) spoil them. I never understood why some parents..and grandparents buy a kids love.....their BM's mother did that to BM and now her grand kids. So Sad....EVERYTIME I hear about her it is "She bought me this..or she is so cool..we go shopping every time we see her!"

Anyway--this is just an update blog..I am sure I will be locking myself in my room sometime this weekend.. Blog later!



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"It was just $30.00".
I so hear what you're saying on this. Take that $30 and the $50 you GAVE to SS, "because they didn't have enough to pay their internet bill and that's how they're putting job applicatins out". Include the $60 for the car part for your other loser son and the the list just goes on and on. Yet you complain when you don't have as much extra $$$ after paying your bills and you think I should be contributing more? NOPE, not going to happen! I explained to him early on that I will NEVER, directly or indirectly help his loser kids financially when they refuse to do for themselves.

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I understand---the other day on our weekend with them...they were at a sports game..and they just demanded their grandma (who came later with their mom) buy them a jersey. She actually looked to see if she had enough money--and they got mad and had a fit when she didn't. When we got in the car (without BM or her mom) I turned to the skids and said "that was rude....do not EVER expect to get EVERYTHING you demand..that is not how life goes..and if you think it is....you are about to have a reality check soon!"

They ignored me..or acted like it. but it pissed me off--- I enjoy spending some money on them---when I want to---not when they expect it...but no way in HELL will I purchase anything for them--with those shitty, ungrateful, attitudes that their mother has too.

I can not stand people that feel they deserve everything--