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Dumb Bitch's (BM) fiance smokes in the house and vehicle around the kids...--and the kids talk about taking "gummy vitamins" to help with fighting exposure. For the 10th millionth time their father and I have told them..."Those vitamins do not help with the exposure to toxins from the smoking".

Funny how my SO smokes sometimes and was nagged constantly by BM while 10+ years married to stop. He only smokes out doors and he smokes about 2 a day. (Still working on quitting but with her drama that is hard)

The kids stink of cigarettes horribly when they come over..and they sometimes are weazing and coughing. We have to give SD breathing treatments sometimes during winter because the air is so dry and she is around constant smoking. BM doesn't believe in going to the Dr. or giving medication unless its an "Emergency"

We take them to the doctor but we can not force BM to give her kids medicine...or anything else..Can we?

What can we do???


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You can take her to court and get DH sole rights to medical decisions. If they have asthma, the Dr can write an recommendation that the kids are not to be around BM's fiance while he smokes and he is not to smoke in the house for a 24 hor period prior to or during visits. I have seen it done before...

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How can you enforce and regulate if your kids are being smoked around? And what if there is no asthma involved. Is just the fact that second hand smoke is horrible enough reason for the courts to still say they cannot be around when he is smoking?

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Depends on the judge, some judges go with it, some don't. It is easy in our state because it is illegal to smoke in vehicles with kids. So in the house just follows suit.

Regulate, well... in the case I am aware of the kids would come home and say something to their father about it (my FIL). So it was easy to track. She stopped doing it after it was court ordered, so I am not sure how it would be enforced. Unless you caught him in the act, and snapped off a picture.

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^^^i like this. Sd13 has asthma. When dh and I were dating, I smoked. I wouldn't do it around the kids. Bm started smoking after they separated and would, has 9, yes count them 9, indoor dogs, and sd would come home completely I'll and drained after every visit. She has since quit smoking, but still has the dogs. Ss still comes home with allergies that resemble a REALLY bad flu everytime.