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OT-adult SKIDS in your home? get them to move out! funny

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Just read this article and thought I'd share here, since I know many have this issue…maybe it'll lighten you up a bit during the dreaded holidays Smile (PS while having Thanksgiving dinner, you can at least remember this and smile…or look like you're up to something }:) )

ah, the hypocrisy of some SKIDs is unbelievable…inheritance

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So, I have been gone for quite a while but this is really hitting home and am about to burst. So instead of posting it on fb, I'm posting here lol

You see, a good friend of ours adopted 3 children with his partner (yes, they are gay, it has nothing to do with that…). Anyway, eventually they split up and because the law only allowed ONE father named on the adoption, one guy kept one child and the other two. They are great parents in every way. The co-parent very well, etc. So what's the issue?

OT-am I losing it or is he really cruel or psycho? ugh :-(

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So for a while things have not been going well. The BS line of I am trying and this time it will be different is fading as usual. To top it off, some of whom I thought were my good friends have told me I need to "lighten up and not be so negative", while nothing is truly said to my DH. I have been reading about psychopaths and passive aggressive men for a while and honestly the more I read, the more worried I become.

OT-where can I post or do you know of another place?

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Sorry, but I feel like I really no longer have ST stuff to post, just shit with my DH…fed up. So I don't feel right posting here when things are no longer really related to skids and BMs…ugh…there is no other place/forum here, so I was wondering if any of you go somewhere else to discuss DH exclusive BS vs. step BS…lol would appreciate any input because I am ready to run out the door soon!

I need strength to not start a riot at the DH's dad's funeral tomorrow...DH's ex-MIL!!!

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I am livid. I hate DH's sister and yet out of respect, I went to DH's dad's wake today. I knew of course she would be there. Believe me when I say that she is the most evil witch I have ever met and has done so many things to me, my son and our family, that I have ZERO relationship with her. Heck, my son has no clue that witch is his aunt...

Anyone in an abusive relationship needs to leave...

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This applies especially if your children are being abused, if you are physically abused, etc especially in front of your children.

While this may be OT, I read at least once of someone here whose husband beat her. Please leave. If anyone is abusing your child, please leave. This is not discipline or telling a kid what to do or having disagreements.