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OT-adult SKIDS in your home? get them to move out! funny

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Just read this article and thought I'd share here, since I know many have this issue…maybe it'll lighten you up a bit during the dreaded holidays Smile (PS while having Thanksgiving dinner, you can at least remember this and smile…or look like you're up to something }:) )


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BM followed steps 1 and 2 with SD23. Failed on Step 3. Within a week SD23 was back with BM, and BM felt guilty enough that she bought SD23 a new car. For the week SD23 was homeless, she asked DH if she could stay with us, if only for 2 nights, and DH said NO.

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Sadly enough, I don't think my SD20 (who lives with us full time) would get the hints!! When it comes to the silverware or housewares, she'd use the stuff then expect me to wash it. This girl will never know how to live on her own. She was accepted to a great college that's only about 35-40 minutes from where we live and opted to settle for community college (not that there's any thing wrong with community college) because she was "afraid to live that far away and by herself" seriously..girl has issues..these ideas are funny..but in my case wouldn't work :O