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ah, the hypocrisy of some SKIDs is unbelievable…inheritance

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So, I have been gone for quite a while but this is really hitting home and am about to burst. So instead of posting it on fb, I'm posting here lol

You see, a good friend of ours adopted 3 children with his partner (yes, they are gay, it has nothing to do with that…). Anyway, eventually they split up and because the law only allowed ONE father named on the adoption, one guy kept one child and the other two. They are great parents in every way. The co-parent very well, etc. So what's the issue?

This person, who decided to keep the two children he adopted in his home actually told me that I was being very mean and unreasonable and just nasty in not wanting to share any of MY money with my husband which could possibly go to his daughter from a previous marriage. He told me that once I married him, that I needed to just accept this and stop being a witch about it (maybe in worse words than that). So, yes, he feels that there is nothing wrong with part of MY money being used as an inheritance for my husband's daughter, although I have a child with autism to take care of (our child) and our child has done without for many years because of crazy ex and CS, etc.

So what's the deal? Ah, yes, since HIS NAME is only on two of the birth certificates, he is leaving HIS inheritance ONLY to his two children by adoption. The third child, yes, the one he could not really legally adopt but calls him Daddy because as far as the kids understand, they were adopted by both of these guys at the same time, well, he gets NOTHING from HIS money…that's for HIS adopted children.

I almost freaking died when he said this. Of course, his parents were divorced and of course, he is angry that his father might not leave him anything because his father has been remarried for years and has children that are much younger than him.

So, there you go. Thought I'd share how biased society is against the 2nd wives, etc. when it comes to inheritance yet it seems perfectly ok for what he is doing. To me, SKID has TWO parents, I am not one of them. She should inherit from THEM, not anything from me at all. Yet, HIS 3 kids, 3 kids with ONLY two parents him and his ex, well, that's different. Go figure.

And yes, my blood has been boiling for a while and I am just trying to keep the peace and not tell him where to shove it right now.


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I certainly WOULD NOT leave anything to my skids!!!! Im not working my life to the bone to provide and save to hand to kids that are not mine!!! Everything I do, is done for my children!! I totally agree that its up to my OH and BM to provide any inheritance or hand down etc to the skids!!

MIL has written her will to include her grandchildren and a step son....step sons is BM's oldest son that my OH bought up from 3 months old...but I WOULD NOT expect, request or be offended if OH's current step child (my Bio) was not included in said will!!

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My OH doesnt really have anything accept what he moved in with (and that was just clothes!!), but he now has the car, which is already down for me as the loan is ion my name that paid for it. No Skids getting hold of that! Car will be sold to pay of the loan, simple as.........

The contents of my home all belong to me and me alone.....and it will probably remain that way since OH is about as clever with money as a chocolate teapot on a very hot sunny day!!

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I won't be leaving anything to my SD. She has two parents and I'm not one of them. It sucks for her that one of them is a complete deadbeat who won't have anything to leave her, but that's not my concern. I have my own little girl to take care of.

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Anything from my family is going back into my family, NOT to skids. Their parents can leave them whatever they want, it's not my responsibility to leave things I worked hard for or heirlooms from my family to children who don't care if I'm dead or alive.