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OT-no change…might go nuts...

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So DH is "waiting for the psychologist to tell him what to do"…ugh…yes, he claimed as always, that he was changing, but honestly, he has not changed ONE BIT…nothing different.

Today I was telling him…"between tomorrow and next Saturday I have to book a hotel for when my nephew comes, plan kiddo's bday and call the places, go to the doctor to get my tests done from weeks ago before I have no insurance, buy a dining room set (we HAVE NONE for 8 months now) because we have company coming and there are not enough seats in our place, buy kiddo some shorts for his camp monday, wash the thousands of Legos WE promised to take to camp by Monday, do some grocery shopping so our company has something to eat/drink Sunday, call unemployment office Sunday, blah, blah, blah…" his fucking response? "you are just saying that to see what I have to do! I have to work to pay for all this shit!" really MF? Ah, I guess you forger that for over 15yrs I worked full time too AND did all this shit, MF! I hate him more every day. I have to get out. I can't until my nephew leaves…I have to fucking get out.

PS as far as HE is concerned, while it is TRUE that he did NOTHING but hurt me for 15yrs, now that he has SEEN THE LIGHT I have to be fucking thankful and just be patient…FUCK you DH, really, FUCK you. If you truly believed it was YOUR fuck up, you would at LEAST listen and let me vent instead of turning shit on me. Like he said ONCE again, "YOU make me lie because if I don't you throw a fit"…FUCK you narcissist psycho man…fuck you.


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No, except move out of the country with a friend and no money to move our stuff... Sad

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Look, you've worked too hard for too long to let this guy keep bringing you down.

If there's a positive end in sight, then by all means, keep your head down and go through the motions.

But if this is going to go on too long, eff the stuff and start over. I know you're not afraid of hard work or hardship, and it would suck big time to abandon everything you've earned so far. But you'd be free. Huge trade off but huge pay off. Totally depends on if you will be able to exit before you lose all your happiness.