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Hi all, long time no blog, last entry was 10/5/07....update on me.

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I had a baby boy, cute little thing. He is now almost 3 mos old. He is a joy! biomom and I are in talking mode and not fighting lately. She came to visit me at the hospital when my son was born and even brought gifts for the baby. I even let her carry the baby....wondering what could she be thinking? My husband was asleep in the room at that time so he didn't feel the uncomfortableness of it all. She offered to p/u and drop off my daugther to her art class because her son goes to the same school. What should I make out of that?

Pregnancy PUPPP (itchy rash)

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I'm on my last trimester of pregnancy and my PUPPP is back, I had it with my 1st's intense itchy rash that comes and goes, worse at night. I stayed up til' 3am last night! No cure, my dermatologist prescribed an ointment for the rash but it doesn't work. If any of you had this experience or know of anyone please share it with me....need relief fast!

Picked up SS from school yesterday...

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So I pick up SS from school yesterday because it's our visitation day, husband was busy at work so I offered to pick him up. When I get there, SS doesn't speak to me the whole time on the way home, like he fricken hates me or something or doesn't want me to pick him up. He was quite and grouchy towards my daughter. Is really brainwashed by his mother to hate my guts or what? What do you guys make out of this....I need some in sights.... Thanks.

Mother in law gives no advice...

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What do I make out of this? So I've been talking to my mil regarding the nasty things that BM is doing. Everytime I share my troubles and frustrations regarding BM, my mil says nothing to me and just agrees and then that's it. She gives me no advice and comments regarding what I just shared w/her. I don't know what to make out of this? Does it mean, she doesn't want to get involve, or maybe she likes BM and doesn't want to speak about her to me, or what? What would you do if you were a mother in law and your daughter in law shared her experiences w/you?

I'm just sick of BM!

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I'm going to ignore her from now on. Maybe that will irritate her even more. She is such a fake, one day she'll tell me she wants to be friends and work things out for the best of ss, then next thing you know she is sending nasty emails to my husband, ignoring my phone calls when I need to ask something regarding SS. What do make out of that? I don't want to talk to her from now on. She needs to get her own life and move on!