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Pregnancy PUPPP (itchy rash)

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I'm on my last trimester of pregnancy and my PUPPP is back, I had it with my 1st's intense itchy rash that comes and goes, worse at night. I stayed up til' 3am last night! No cure, my dermatologist prescribed an ointment for the rash but it doesn't work. If any of you had this experience or know of anyone please share it with me....need relief fast!


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Didn't have this problem, but I've heard good things about Butt Balm. It's for diaper rash, but has a lot of other uses. Maybe something like this?

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I developed the weirdest rash, right around my belly, it too was also worse at night. I had no idea what the hell it was but my dr. prescribed clobetasol propionate ointment and it cleared it right up.
Have you tried calamine?

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But I have tried Bag Balm (comes in a green tin) or Beauxdreau's butt paste (probably spelled wrong)

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Grandpa's pine tar soap from health food store. 3x a day in a cold shower.
Nettle tea to cleanse liver. safe for pregnancy but not too much (traditional medicinals pregnancy tea makes some.)

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I know this is a bit late for the original gal but it might be of use to future readers. I tried two different things to relieve the itching and both worked. I used Gold Bond medicated powder first and had good results. Then I bought Sarna lotion. It is pricey and stings at first but it really works great and dries it up very fast. You can get both items at Walgreens or any drug store.

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I am in my 3rd trimester with my first baby and I use sarna lotion.. you can get it at walmart of some place like that and I take oatmeal baths.. sometimes when I dont want to take a bath I use the aveeno oatmeal shower gel... I've noticed that regualar lotions and soaps make it worse.. I also keep benadry by my bed at night for thoes nights that i can't seem to sleep

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"Nettle tea to cleanse liver".....was curious to see if that would work for me, not pregnant, but was on meds recently for anxiety. I don't take them anymore, started on St. Johns Wart insted, but the meds. I was on were putting stress on my liver a little bit, thats why , among other reasons, I stopped, would that help my liver??~ " I started out clean, now, I'm jaded"~ Rob Thomas, Matchbox 20

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A good natural cleanse for the liver is 1/2 a lemon in water (room temp) every morning 30-45 min before eating breakfast. I get mild acne and even my skin cleared up. You can even purchase Essential oil ( lemon ) and put a drop or two in a glass of water in the morining...but you can't use plastic bottle b/c it will cause the chemicals in the plasic to release into the water. The best NATURAL ESSENTIAL OIL to buy is Young Living oil I ended up using the oil b/c it was easier then making sure I had lemons everyday. I had anxiety back in 2003 and it was so bad, I thought I was going crazy but didn't want to take meds I was afraid of never being able to get off of them and still feel sane. It took months for me to figure it out for myself but eventually I did. I realized that I had to control my breathing pattern and the only way I was forced to breath a certain way was running. I would go for a 2 mile run (started at 1 mile ) everyday rain or shine and that forced me to breath a certain way it also brought me back to my childhood years when I use to play soccer it was when I felt the strongest the most powerful and complete confidence. I held onto this feeling then began to practice Yoga which also helped my breathing. Exercise & Yoga and my mind of course saved me. You should try it to keep you on track Smile Good Luck...I'm glad to hear you're off the meds and taking care of your liver Smile

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Oh what a terrible rash! I've had it for nearly 3 weeks now and am lucky if I get 3 hours sleep at night! I look like a lepar and I scratch until I bleed and it still itches grrrrr. Anyway for any ladies that may be suffering this terrible thing heres a couple of things I found that helped. Menthol - My dermatologist prescribed a menthol and aqueous cream but you can buy 'Ice Gel' instead it's only ingredient is Menthol (if you can't find ice gel, go to the heat rub section of your pharmacy/supermarket and look at the want one that only has menthol) and if you're using a moisturiser as well you will get exactly the same effect. I found this quite good but it only lasts around 1 hour.
Secondly soaking in oatmeal baths for at least 20 minutes...this will provide short term relief but it feels great while you're in there and can really relax you if you are having trouble sleeping!
Pine tar soap is ok, allthough I found myself just using this as a substitute for soap instead of using it just to cure my helps to bath in it regularly but not as a quick itch fix.
Possibly the best remedy I've tried so far......Baking Soda Paste (just make a paste out of baking soda and water). I read somewhere a lady had used this and yes it is great - if you have open sores like I do from scratching they will burn but I found the pain much easier to tolerate than the itch, and as for the hives it just seemed to take the itch away.
I really hope this helps ladies it is horrible and when I'm up all night crying and scratching I will know I am not alone and will be thinking of you all. I am off to obstetrician today so I will see if there is anything else I can do.
(also the dermatologist prescribed me steroid creams but they don't seem to help at all)

Take Care ladies and best of luck
Mel xoxox

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i'm 9months pregnant and i have puppps what can i do to stop the itching and soreness .


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My last week of being pregnant I started to see a rash begin on my stomach. I gave birth to my daughter and suddenly it has spread to my legs, butt, arms, back and chest. I have no idea what to do. I have tried oatmeal, the doctor prescribed a cream that doesn't seem to help. I have oatmeal cream as well. It's really hard to breast feed when all I feel is itchy. Please help!!

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I tried Sarna, Benadryl, etc.
The BEST thing I've tried is IcyHot, if you can stand the smell.

Bedtime routine: Benadryl, IcyHot & Hydrocortisone (cream, not ointment) anywhere the itch appears (even if not itchy at the moment)
AM routine: Sarna and hydrocortisone, mostly because I am so tired of the IcyHot smell, and the Benadryl makes me sleepy! I would suggest using the Hydrocortisone proactively...before it starts to itch again.

It is stinky (smells like Pepto Bismol) and not perfect, but it actually lets me sleep most of the night!

I was recently recommended Pine Tar by a different doctor...haven't tried it yet.

I had this itchy rash too. Started one day in week 33. I used Calomine lotion morning and night for 3 days and now it is totally gone. Recommend it even tho it's a bit messy. No more itching or rash. Smile

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I suffered PUPPPS when I was pregnant. Nothing stopped the itchiness and desperation this condition gave me.
I tried everything.
Finally I turn to my Latin roots ( I am native from Costa Rica, but I live in USA) where homeopathy is a very acceptable and popular way of healing.
And I used Apis mellifica, that is a homeopathic remedy made from the sting of the honeybee.
The exact dose to use I am not sure, what I know is that the Homeopathic Dr. sent me the smallest dose twice a day for 2 months.
After one week of taking the Apis Mellifica the PUPPPS disappear after attacking me for three long months where I used every possible remedy (corticosteroids, Benadryl, creams, sleeping with ice bags in all my body, etc). The Homeopathic Dr told me not to suspend the treatment before time.
Of course I asked my OBG if I the treatment will not affect my pregnancy before take it, and he said that if I was sure that I was not allergic to any bee product that he could not imagine why not to try.
I tried and was a miracle, I was able to feel well again and finish my pregnancy happy and safe .

Joy Most's picture only 24 weeks and i have Pupps rash, i started getting it around my 18th week. nothing seems to help, i itch till i bleed. i have sores from itching so only 15 i shouldnt have to suffer with this lol. but the thing i noticed helps most is alvenno lotion and st. Ives. also but regular oatmeal in a pantyhoe leg and let the water run though it, it works a little bit, and also the benidril will sting at first if u have open sores but its worth it. i cant wait til i deliver and i dont have the rash anymore!!!!

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I had such an extreme case of PUPPPs that I was sent to specialists, biopsies were taken, etc. I was told it was the worst case the doctors and dermatologist had ever seen. I was in AGONY for most of my pregnancy and tried most of the treatments that people have mentioned above. However, the one thing that actually worked for me and was prescribed by a dermatologist was to go TANNING(apparently it is often perscribed to people with skin conditions). Some insurance will even cover this treatement. I'm sure not everyone is comfortable with this but I would tan for only a few minutes (5-6 mins) and feel instant relief. I ended up going about 2 times a week and felt SO MUCH BETTER! I wish someone had recommended this to me--I feel the need to spread the word! It's the only way I got any sleep at all. The good news is that I felt instantly better after my daughter was born!

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I developed a rash on my hip stretch marks that spread to my bum. It covered my breasts and was intensely itchy. Since reading and looking at photo's I realise it is a severe case of PUPPP's .. I also have tried Pintarsol, Steroid creams, moisturizer's etc with not much relief.

I have since taken a 2 mg polaramine(antihistamine) (ONLY with DR advise!!!) and panadol tablets after feeding (to reduce it being given to baby in my milk) and have a cold shower. I then lather myself in moisturiser mixed with calmoseptine (zinc oxide or nappy rash cream) This gives me relief for about 4 hours... until my next feed is due. I had to be really careful not to get the cream anywhere near baby's face while feeding and try not to feed after taking a tablet. I have had it for 2 weeks now with no signs that it is subsiding!! I also live in Tropical weather and think the humidity has a fair bit to do with it....

I have heard that tanning (in small doses) can also help.... I also had a c-section so I am unable to bath for another 3 weeks so bath washes are out for me...

Anyone else with relief/cure.... I have heard the juice of boiled beetle nut works great... however a bit skeptical after hearing its a natural narcotic... anyone with any info on this would be of great help!!! or where I can find some in Darwin Australia....

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i started getting an awful rash three years ago just after i had an abortion. i was convinced it was some sort of punishment and was miserable and itchy for over a year. I went everywhere. tried all types of remedies, herbalists, accupuncture, GP, private doctor, creams, lotions, potions, no one could give me a satisfactory diagnosis and i slowly scratched and scared and ruined my body from head to toe, constantly sad, irritated and unable to sleep.

After a year i had eventually been transfered to a specialist dermatolagist and after a few visits she diagnosed me with urticaria. I took medication and had creams prescribed but the best pain relief came from my own experimentation, a freeze gel that you would buy to ease muscle aches. In england you can buy 'deep heat' and more recently 'deep freeze' a gel with menthol. of course it doesnt cure but it relieves all the pain of the stinging and that stoppe me from itching, crying and calmed me down and let me sleep at night.
Time cured my sores and then the best follow up remedy would be sun. Failing that i booked a course of sunbeds. (never done it before but a friend reccomended it for skin healing). After a couple of months the scars were fading, the scabs were healing and my skin felt amazing and with a little colour any other marks were hidden a little.

Ive just given birth and have got awfully itchy raised and bumpy stretch marks, (puppp) i am saving up for another course of sunbeds to give my skin a boost and for now im using nappy rash creams and keeping my skin moisturised. It is itchy but if you can raise your self control not to itch you will save yourself from worse scarring.

Reach for cold things! heat as a catalyst, is a perpetual cycle for the continuation of the rash. keep the area cool.

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I first got this rash at 34 weeks on my belly but I didnt have any stretch marks after appling the prescribed steroid creams the rash went away and appeared on my arms, feet, hands and legs. It is worse now than when i first got it but I have tried everything i have read about including puppp relief soap, grandpa's pine tar soap, sarna lotion, calemine lotion and even ice packs. The only thing that makes a difference is the soaps but it only last about a hour or 2 and i'm thinking that the grandpa soap is making the rash worse. I have read about dandelion root and i'm going today after work to get some i'm praying that this gives me relief!!!

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i see the original discussion started ages ago but ppl keep posting, and i am sure that they keep reading too.
so heres my experience:
this rash started only 10 days before i delivered - 10 painful, miserable, aching, excrutiating days.
the nite before i went into labour, my husband actually started to pack a bag for the emergency room, stating that he was taking me there to demand that they induce Wink
i went into labour the next morning...
the rash was so bad, that when they gave me my epidural, all i cared about was that i couldnt feel the rash from the waist down.
after delivery - and mind you i was COVERED in this rash - they sent me a very young (read: new at this!!) dermatologist who tried to perscribe a topical corticosteroid cream. i literally SAT on my hands, so as not to grab the lapels of his shirt - and uttered 2 words: "PREDNISONE. NOW". my mother called him out of the room for a moment and told him that i had already stated that i wanted to die (which was true). they gave me prednisone.
the rash cleared within a few days, however, it took us 3.5 months to ease me off of the prednisone, since every time we brought the dose below 10mgs a day, the rash would start to come back. i only took the high dose - 30mgs a day - for about a week or so - the rest of the time was low-dose, and eventually we managed to get m off of it altogether. it involved raising and lowering the dose over a long period of time, alternating between 15-5-2.5 mg doses for a while.
why am i writing this? to tell you the following:
Angel if the rash is bad enough, you can be induced the day you come to term.
(c) even in the worst cases, it does go away. somehow you will get rid of it.

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I recently developed the Puppps rash in the past few days and I am just at 16 weeks. The first day I noticed I blew it off because it was only my stomach and breasts itching, which I felt was normal because they are expanding. Then I woke up the other morning out of a dead sleep and my hands and legs itched uncontrollably. Knowing that I was going to the doctor in a few days I held out and used Aveeno lotion and took an antihistamine even. Nothing really provided relief. As soon as the doctor looked she said I definitely had Puppps and it WILL get worse. She advised me to get Sarna lotion and I also bought Aveeno Skin Relief body wash. Which I feel does provide some relief during the ever so difficult shower time. Most info I have read says PUPPPS occurs much later in pregnancy. Is there anyone out there who has had it this early in pregnancy? I am curious to know if I have a rough road ahead because I have a long while to go. I also do have very severe allergies, which I thought was the original cause of the rash.

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I also had early PUPPPs. Mine started at 17 weeks of pregnancy. Ready for the really bad news? I'm 6 months postpartum, and the stupid rash is still here! I've been on prednisone tapers for months. 3 weeks on and one week off. The dermatologist told me that the hormones from nursing were causing the rash to stick around, so I quick nursing 6 weeks ago. Guess what? Still have the stupid rash! Now the doctor said I might be one of the rare few that develops an extreme sensitivity to progesterone and I'm up a creek. Nothing they can do. I am just beside myself. No one seems to take it seriously because it isn't dangerous, just miserable. I don't think they understand this level of misery. Topical steriods and antihistimines don't work at all. I swear I've tried everything. No more babies. EVER!!!!

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My puppps rash
I just realized that I never blogged about one of the worst things I went through In my whole life..I am not being dramatic either it was so bad I just wanted to die!! I would never even wish this on my worst enemy... so here it is and here is what I did about it with NO help from the doctors they are so useless!!! such robots!! I called the advice nurse to make sure that the dandilion root is safe and they would give me no advice due to the fact that the herb is not tested by the food and drug admin. this is bullshit!!! I searched and searched online and everything indidcated that dandilion root is safe for me and the baby so what the hell better than steroids and benadryl which is soooooo bad!!! anyway here is my story...
I had the puppps rash for about 1 month starting around 31 weeks. I tried the dandilion root tea for about a week and it did nothing. The doctors prescribed me steroids omg!!!! So bad!!! and some other horrible things that could cause the baby to have seizures and convulsions. Here is what I tried and it worked...Natures way dandilion root capsules you just get thim from Fred Meyers in the nature section. I took 3capsules a day 3 times a day after I would eat something. I drank as much water in ounces that are 1/2 my weight so Im around 194lbs so i drank 100 ounces a day. I bought flax seed oil w/lemon and I took 1 tblspoon a day. I did not drink any coffee and stayed away from citrus fruits like oranges. Basically clensing the liver is what you want to do. I ate lots of strawberries and blueberries and i mean alot!!! The rash took about 5 days to go away and the scars are slowly clearing up but I am 37 weeks prego and sleeping much better. I still itch a little bit in spots but it is only where the rash has healed. I also put on this jones brand aloe lotion the is 70% aloe vera its not the best smelling but it helps the healing and it makes my skin really soft. It has been a slow process but I dont know how I would have delt with having this rash until I have my son...that would have been horrible. I would never wish this on anybody it by far has been the worst thing I have ever been through if you know anybody that has ever gotten this rash spread the word because I tried everything that was safe during pregnancy and it didnt work until I tried this I should send my doctors office a bill for finding a cure!!! if only it worked that way!!!
If you would like to see some pictures I took while I had the rash they are under my albums under puppps rash of pregnancy... they are not the best pictures and it was really hard to capture on photo but anybody that saw me and saw the rash would know how bad it was expecially on my legs and underarms...anyway take a look if you have time....

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I feel sorry for anyone reading this who has had to endure this awful rash! It is one of the worst things I've dealt with in my life. I got it when I was 36 week preg with twin boys. I delivered at 37 & 1/2 weeks and was told it would go away soon after delivery. It did not. It got worse and spread over my entire body except my face. My OB told me to use hydrocortisone cream which is a joke. I talked to my family practice dr. and he have a shot of prednisone, but didn't want to do more b/c I was nursing. Well, it seemed like it was going away, and then after a week it came back worse than before. It was awful. I then asked him to refer me to a dermatologist. He didn't want to do anything for me b/c I was nursing, and just had me use a topical cream that wasn't doing anything. He did have me use Sarna lotion, which helped a little with the itching, but it wasn't helping the rash to go away. At my 6 week pp appt, I talked to the nurse practioner who saw me and she said they should put me on a steroid taper. I had to tell my derm that she said it was ok even though I was nursing for him to presribe it for me. I have just now finished the taper, and the rash seems much better, but I'm very concerned that like a previous poster said that it will keep coming back once I'm done with the steriods. It's been so bad. He did change my topical cream to clobetasol, which seems better than the other one I was using, but haven't had it long enough to know if it will help or not. This rash sucks! Make sure your dr. listens to you - even if you are nursing, they can still give you things to make it go away! If anyone finds anything else that helps this rash go away, please post!

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I am 34 weeks pregnant & have developed PUPPP's. It has to be the worst thing to ever happen to me. I can't find relief, no matter what i do or try. It started in the stretch marks on my stomach, itched me to death. Now it has made it's way down my arms, they look so horrible! & down my legs, front & back, to the tops of my feet! My skin is constantly itching & burning. It's sore. It hurts. It sucks. I feel like my skin will never be the same. I can't believe that there isn't better treatment for this. I had never heard of the rash & felt silly going to the doctor because my stretch marks were itching. Never would've imagined that I had a rash that won't go away until sometime after delivery. I wish my little guy was ready, cause God knows, I sure am!!!!

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I had this rash after I gave birth to my first baby. It was horrible. The OB/GYN didn't want to listen to anything I had to say, wouldn't do anything for me, and sent me to my family doctor who, thank god, actually gave a damn. I had to be on steroids to get it to go away. The itching was terrible, I couldn't sleep, looked like a freak and none of the over the counter lotions did anything for me. I am so grateful for my family physician, he also saved my life by diagnosing my cancer in it's early stage. I am now pregnant with baby boy number 2 and I am getting a rash on my stomach. Itches like crazy! I have an OB appt. tomorrow, wonder if I should even mention it to them, or, just go directly to the man who really listens to me! So, get ya some steroids and you'll feel much better. Good luck to all.

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i am currently 36 weeks now and my rash started 3 weeks ago from my stretchmarks. i didn't think anything at first cause stretchmarks usually itch, but it spread to my legs, arms, and butt. there was even a point in time where it was hard to sit down because the back of my knees were so sore from open areas. i went to my doctor and it must have been his first time seeing this cause he was freaked out i could tell. he thought it was the scabies, but i told him i have had this for a while and nobody else got it. i took benadryl and applied sarna lotion. just started with the oatmeal baths and it seemed to work well. it's been a week now and i'm healing but i have scratch marks and discoloration everywhere. there were red patches all over my arms that are now flat and not raised like before. the skin is peeling so hopefully it gets better. can't wait to deliver this baby and get rid of this rash.

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I have never felt like i was going crazy till I got this. I am also a family doctor so frustrated with the medical professions lack of understanding re this condition !!! This rash is so awful and NO ONE CARES!!!
I forced a dermatologist to see me after 2 sleepless nights. Dragged myself to work and realised everyone just thought I was being a bit vain. At that point you could have covered me in boils and i would not have cared- i just wanted to stop itching!!!
The dermatologist gave me a steriod cream - betnovate and told me to take piriton - although I'd already said it did nothing.
Besides myself day 4 I spoke to a collegue who said her friend had taken promethazine ( antihistamine)for it - this at least bought me some sleep. I swear the nights are the worst.Spoke to my obgyn re this and she just said I dont know much about it. Then stalked a pharmacist to research re this- seems safe and to be honest I was suicidal by this point.
Week 2 of rash now (34 weeks pregnant) and steriods seem to be calming it down. The antihistamine leaves me very drowsy. Advice PLEASE MAKE YOU DR REFER YOU TO A DERMATOLOGIST. PUSH, PUSH, PUSH- no one will help you unless you irritate them till they listen!!!!

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I had this 35 years ago with my first pregnancy. It started at about 32 weeks and lasted 6 weeks, in the heat, in Texas. The doctors had no idea what it was and I went through all kinds of tests. The only things that gave me any relief were menthol creme, cold baths, and atarax. I think it may be hereditary, as my daughter also had it with her first pregnancy. I felt so sorry for her. It seemed they had made no progress on treatment in all those years. At least neither of us had it it with our future pregnancies, and she had someone who could sympathize with her completely. In fact I almost felt like I "gave" it to her myself. I hope someone comes up with at least a better treatment if not a cure!

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I have had this crap for the past 2 weeks - it still itches worse and worse everyday and night. The only time I have releif is when I am actually rubbing lotion, or powder on the rash...which has spread from my belly ALL over my BODY - back, butt, legs, belly, arms, feet - EVERYWHERE! As soon as I stop rubbing and the powder or lotion dries - it actually starts itching AGAIN! I have tried things like ZEASORB-AF powder, GOLDBOND powder and medicated cream, MEN-PHOR lotion, Benedryl (sp?) cream and tablets at night to sleep, and AVENO oatmeal baths and lotion. As far as sleeping at night - there is NO rest at all. I get up every hour just to rub more stuff on...then again when it dries - I am up again rubbing more and the Benedryl tablets don't work for sleep.

I think we all have the same compliant and I don't know that there is any help what so ever. I have 4 weeks left of my pregnancy and I hope and pray it will go away soon! This is worse than any other problem I have had during the whole pregnancy. Morning sickness, sinus infections - nothing compares to the misery of this RASH!!!! I go back to the Dermatologist today and we will see what he says - if anything helps I will let everyone know...but so far it's just misery! Sorry girls! I FEEL your PAIN!!!

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I am 39 weeks pregnant and I have PUPPS. It is the worst thing that can ever happen to a women. It started a couple days before I turned 39 weeks. It itches like CRAZY!!!! My doctor prescribed me some prescribed cream. It relieves the itch for a while, but not all day. I went through a tube in 1 day and had to get another refill the next day. What seems to relieve it for a while is, Take a nice hot bath and sit there for 30 minutes and right after taht sit in a cold room and relax. If you have to itch put a sock on your hand inside out and rub! Do not scratch. Or put a cold rag on the spot where it itches most and relax. Just try not to think about it. I am getting induced, so that will be some relief for me.

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I'm 30 weeks pregnant and I started getting PUPPP about 3 weeks ago. It started in my stretch marks on my stomach, and the gradually moved to my hips, back, legs, and arms. I am so completely miserable. This is my first pregnancy. I'm 19. I can't handle it, and i don't know what to do. I've tried creams, lotions, baths, and even going two FULL days of not scratching it. My doctor said he could guarantee that I went two days without scratching a single itch that it would go away... I seriously want to go a ring his neck. I think what pissed me off the most is that he didn't really look at it. He thinks it's just some normal rash, but I know it's PUPPP.

I can't take this anymore, and i really need help... Please help me?

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I tried this at my doula's urging. It doesn't cure it, that's for sure, but it has given me short bursts of relief. Hang in there.

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Thought I'd forward this link...
Not like we need more to worry about but this article actually made my Doctor(s) take me more seriously.
I'm 37 weeks in, expecting my 5th baby, first time experiencing PUPPs...horrible, ugly rash. Getting worse. Midwife brought over Dr Emu's RX for Pain oil today and it does seem to bring some instant relief, but I'll update if anything works better...DON'T let yourself go ahead and SCRATCH it really does make it worse - my OBgyn told me go ahead and scratch. Idiotic. Now I'm much much worse.

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I got this rash at 31 weeks. It started off slight and I just assumed that it was from shaving. Over the next week it got progressively worse. It has now spread to every where on my body except my face. I haven't slept more than an hour or 2 a night for a week due to the intense itching. Here are some things that I tried that did NOT work: Witchazel, emu oil, hydrocortizone, lanacane, every lotion they make, oatmeal baths, gold bond powder (did slightly releive some itching sometimes),Dandelion root tea, etc. Now, what DID work: Desetin w/ 40% zinc in it, used after showering with Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap (at least three times a day), benedryl cream, and 50 mg of benedryl pills. I started this treatment last night after being told again by my doctors that there is nothing they can do b/c of being pregnant. The rash is now subsiding a little bit and the itching is WAY down!! I actually slept last night and was able to nap today. The pine tar soap always helps but you have to use it at least 3 times daily. The desetin leaves you sticky and white but hey, slather it all over and you'll have some relief. Though you have to get at least 40 % zinc for it to be worth it. The benedryl cream I use as a quick fix when I am out of the house and start itching. I am going to see my OB tomorrow and see if there is anything else. but until then this is my recipe for relief!! Hope it helps and saves you from wasting as much money as i did on things that didn't even touch this hell of a rash.

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OMG! I am having this PUPPP and I am only on my 32nd week! I posted the pictures of PUPPP at if anybody is interested in looking at it. It's really gross and it drove me crazy for days. Luckily, I found something that is working for me and that is also posted on that website.

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I don't usually participate in forums, but after reading all the posts from miserable mommas and being awake in the middle of the night with PUPP myself, searching for quick relief, I thought I should mention what I have found to work for me.

It isn't true that PUPP always goes away after pregnancy or from stopping nursing. I am happily nursing my 8th baby at 13 months old. My familiar rash appeared maybe a couple months ago. I haven't been doing anything for it, so it's hanging around since I keep scratching. I realized I'm scratching too much when my little guy reached over and scratched me too!

I think I have had this every time, either while pregnant or while nursing. When I first had it my doctor or midwife had no idea what it was. (My midwife suggested Bag Balm. What a yucky mess.) I only figured out what it was by posting a desperate question on a forum and experienced mommies knew what it was. I was told then that it's a yeast rash and that putting diluted vinegar on my skin would kill the yeast. Interestingly, they said that internally, ingesting vinegar feeds yeast.

I was so desperate that I put the undiluted vinegar directly on my skin. Because of scratching, some of the skin was raw and burned from the vinegar, but I was so tired of the itching I thought that tolerating the full strength for half a minute was worth it to clear it up quicker. Also, I have found that as soon as all the vinegar evaporates I have no itching. I have found that when I put vinegar on my skin every few hours when I'm awake and be sure to not scratch it is completely gone within three days.

The key is NO scratching. When you scratch you SPREAD the problem, just like with poison oak. Besides, scratching doesn't really bring relief anyway. It just makes is heat up and hurt.

So I hope this helps someone. Now I'm going to do more research on how to eliminate yeast from in my system. I truly believe this is the root of the problem and can be changed with diet.

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I had PUPPP rash at 8 months and carried my son full-term. The ONLY thing that helped me was PURE EMU OIL. Give it a is worth every penny. Hang in there it is only temporary...the rash was completely gone after 5 weeks of delivery.

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hello i had my PUPP at 8 months, 1000 mg of calcium (i forgot the brand name because it was been 2 years ago) and steroid cream that my doctor prescribed really helped just in 1 day! please try to go immediately to your doctor or dermatologist and ask about it.

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I'm at wk 27 (about 28) wks along w/my first child at the moment and I've got the nasty rash as well. I first got the rash at wk 8-9 and it only appeared lightly on the back of my hand and on my knees...OH it itched so bad...I went broke buying Calamine lotion, Benadryl creams, Cortaid, Whitch Hazel, and any anti-itch cream...nothing made it go away...I didn't know what was going on and went to a family doc twice. It was so crazy; she wasn't sure and thought I had scabies and I was like "WHAT?". She finally refered me to a Derm about a month later (that was after the meds she prescribed didn't work). Around the time I went to see the Derm, the rash had cleared up and was barely there to see. She came to conclusion that it was PUPPP.
I've never heard of it before this and had to look it up and do some research...
PUPPPs is a rash that affects 1:200 women and 70% of those have boys...everyone says to try this, try that, do this, do that...
I thought that when it disappeared in March, that it was it; that since I already had it, that I wouldn't get it again in the 3rd trimester...I was wrong.
Just so happened that 3wks ago, the rash reappeared. I filled the prescription of the topical cream and tried it...ran the tube out and the rash was still there. In the past 2wks, I've obtained a pharmacy of my own w/lotions and such that I've read that others have tried.
SARNA: It works well to relieve the itchiness for about 4hrs, but found that the price for it was rather Dollar General has a simular item w/the exact same ingredients (Menthol and camphor) for $ the same.
A&D OINTMENTS & BUTT CREAMS: Are just greasy feeling and don't relieve anything.
ERCURIN CALMING ITCH LOTION: Works great on sensitive areas such as your
OATMEAL BATHS: It didn't work at the first of the rash...had to wait until the rash calmed down a bit...and soak in a cool bath...

I've been taking 2 showers a day-one in the morning where I apply sarna to my most intense areas and one at night where I apply the sarna all over. But that too doesn't always work. I wake up about every 2-3hrs to reapply somewhere or get up to sponge off w/cool water and apply the sarna.
But just today, I went to see my Dr and ask what I should do about this sticking rash and he prescribed Benadryl capsules...I'm not fully on the go w/them, but I've noticed that I'm not as itchy as I was this same time for the past 3wks...

Some have been known to get a shot (a steroid shot) and some have been so bad that they had to be induced to relieve the rash...I'm hoping that someone somehow comes up w/an absolute remendy for this condition 'cause feeling this way isn't the best.

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I am 31 weeks into my 1st pregnancy. Also, I have been told I am having girl aswell so I am in the 30% of the 1 in 200 that get this during pregnancy. I had never heard of this type of rash before until it came up between my breasts last Friday. I thought it was just heat rash as I live in NT, Australia. Over the weekend I realised it wasn't heat rash as it had moved up my chest to half way up my neck by Sunday even though I was inside in the air con all weekend. It was so unbearably itchy that I rang the Midwife at the hospital on Sunday Night, who rang my Obs for me & they told me to use Calamine Lotion until I could make an appoint. to see him the next day. After a completely sleepless night I went to see him on Monday morning, where he diagnosed it as PUPPPs. I couldn't believe it when he said it can stay around until I give birth. Just another thing to add to the list along with my GD (Gestational Diabetes). My Obs sent me off for some blood tests & told me to use Calamine Lotion on the affected areas & have soaking baths in Pinetarsol until he can see me again for a follow up next Tuesday aswell as take Clarantyne Antihistamine tablets. These two remedies only provided short term relief (about an hour for the Lotion & the baths would only stop the itch while I was in them) & I was so itchy at night time when the Clarantyne wore off. So through the sleepless nights this week I have been reading these forums. Some helpful advice on here & I thought I should share what has been working for me so far.
First of all, as I read on here from some other people it definately gets worse at night time for some reason....get some drowsy antihistamine tablets so you can at least get some sleep - I finally had my first sleep last night since last Saturday with only one wake up to put on more cream at 4am. So...I started yesterday morning with having a shower using DermaVeen Oatmeal body wash, pat dry & apply Bepanthan to the affected area (note though that you should only use this on small areas whilst pregnant). This allowed me to get a nap in that morning (after a previous night of only 1hrs sleep & alot of crying from how badly it itched). Then when I woke up I had a wash down with Pintarsol (I couldn't be bothered having a bath again). I got a facewasher and a bucket of iced water and soaked the washer and just patted it on the areas. This gave me time to go to the Pharmacy to get more supplies as I'd gone through a bottle of calamine lotion and a bottle of pinetarsol over two days on the weekend. If you can, take the washer with you when you go out for a short trip while it's still quite bad and leave it lay on the area. When you want to itch it, soak it with the washer instead. I did this for a few hours to have a break from apply lotions. Then I finally did a lather of Calamine Lotion in the afternoon & then an hour later I washed it off with the Pinetarsol Washer & reapplied. Then that night I had a shower with the DermaVeen Oatmeal Body wash, & when I got out I smothered my body in the DermaVeen Body Lotion which also has Oatmeal in it. I wanted to give my skin a bit of a nourish as it was just looking quite dry where the rash was. This seemed to get me through the night along with the Drowsy Antihistamine tablet. When I woke at 4am I just applied more Body Lotion and slept through another 4hrs. It all seemed to work yesterday so I am going to follow the same process again today and see if the rash fades more. Its now looking like a sunburn instead of a raised rash so I am hoping it will be gone in the next few days. Still a little nervous as to how I will go next week going back to work if I still have this by Monday. I hope some of this works for you too. I have also been searching for Dandeloin Root Tablets but the Pharamacies I have been to haven't stocked them so when I finally get them I hope they help with the rash not reoccurring...

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I called mine "The Pox" - it started on my belly and feet, then quickly spread all over (including my butt and sides of my thighs - how do you itch that discreetly during the day?!). Although things like Sarna lotion and Gold Bond would work for maybe half an hour, the time it took to put it all over my body made it pointless. My doctor prescribed the steroid prednisone, and even though he and the pharmacist swore it was safe for the baby, I was too freaked out to use it.
What ended up saving me - I had been taking DHA gummies from Nutrilite starting in the third trimester. I had run out and not ordered more because we had bought a house and moved and I was just distracted. But AS SOON AS I started taking it again, the rash just started drying up! My doctor said DHA had anti-inflammatory properties, so it was probably it, and that he had NEVER seen it clear up before delivery before! I still have some itch, but I think it's because the skin in the former rash spots is very dry now, but I'm afraid to lotion it, I don't want anything to cause it to come back. I am a week overdue now, and would have been induced by now if I hadn't found this cure, I was so miserable, and I'm so glad I'm able to let baby come on its own terms! I hope this works for someone else, I would love to know if this is really a cure or if I just got extremely lucky! The catch is you have to find someone who sells Amway to buy it, that's the only place you can get Nutrilite products. Good luck to everyone!

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I'm 15 weeks pregnant with my second child. I had PUPPP with my first pregnancy late in the 2nd trimester. I did a round of steroids per my OB, tried Benadryl cream, ordered a special soap and lotion from WA state and nothing worked actually near the end of the steroid pack the PUPPP came back worse than before. I started looking online and found several people recommending milk thistle, dandelion root, and flax seed oil. I started researching the safety of using these measures and went for it. Within 2 days the rash was receding and the night itching -literally tearing my skin off had calmed down within a week only the scabby spots were visible and the itch was completely gone. My intent was to do a complete liver cleanse once I had finished breastfeeding. Baby #2 came along as I was still breastfeeding. And along with all the other pregnancy symptoms this week the PUPPP is back. This time I am prepared I still have leftovers of everything except the flax seed oil which I may try to get in capsule form- even though the liquid is more effective. The flax and milk thistle both taste terrible. I only took them until my rash had cleared. The dandelion root I got in capsules and continued it for a month or anytime I felt slightly itchy- anyone who's had it will understand the paranoia! I wish you the best. You might check into why you developed this rash. In my case - I'm not diabetic but I believe I have an insulin problem that has effected my liver and still plan to do a complete liver cleanse when the BF is over.

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I'm on my 3rd tri as well and 2 weeks ago I had PUPPS. What I did and It worked amazingly is I was given prednison and then I also took Benadryl religiously. Also go to your nearest health and food store and look for a soap called Grandpa's Pine Tar soap. Use this while taking a luke to almost cold shower and then rinse off with cold water. After the shower rub calamine lotion on the affected areas. I promise you this will clear you up within a week. You will have to take plenty of aggrivating showers until it does but in the end it is worth it. BTW... DO NOT use anything that will mosturize your skin because that does make it worse. You will have to suffer with the dry skin, but in reality, dry skin for a bit is a lot better than itchy skin all the time!

If you have any questions you would like to ask about it, my email is and my number is 7608890033. i will be happy to give you more tips.

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i'm so happy to know that i am not the only one suffering from this condition!!! My husband was making fun of me this week when he helped me make a mud poultice with clay, baking soda and tea tree oil. His exact words were: you are such a drama queen!!. just for that i wished that i could make him feel the itch even just for 5 minutes.

The mix of green clay, tea tree oil and baking soda did help alleviate the itch for most of the night. How ever the next morning as i tried to peel off the mud mask from my arms it was pretty painful. I recommend wetting it before taking it off. Apply it on as thickly as possible and wrap the area in cheese cloths. i even used old cotton socks to help protect the area. It is not recommended to use any form of plastic to wrap the area as the clay will react with the plastic and not with the skin.

Pine tar soap is practically impossible to find here in Canada so their is much need to improvise with what we can. The Paul Mitchel tea tree oil shampoo is also a great way to relieve the itch. use the shampoo to wash your self or you can even add it to your bath and combine it with the oatmeal and baking soda. There is menthol in the shampoo which really helps ease the itch. The conditioner can also be used as a body lotion after showering and will also help sooth the itch.

I called my local natural health food store this morning and they recommend i stay away from any acidic foods. No Pineapple, tomatoes, grapefruits, oranges, mangoes, lemons and vinegar. She said that the acidity in these foods will just worsen the condition.

I also think i saw some one mention tanning which i will be trying today for sure. I guess my last week of pregnancy will be spent trying to sooth this itch!! I've also started looking into natural ways to induce labor to help get it over with.

Wishing all you moms to be the best of luck and hopefully my findings may help others like me who were up till 4 am last night reading up on this horrid condition.