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Hi all, long time no blog, last entry was 10/5/07....update on me.

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I had a baby boy, cute little thing. He is now almost 3 mos old. He is a joy! biomom and I are in talking mode and not fighting lately. She came to visit me at the hospital when my son was born and even brought gifts for the baby. I even let her carry the baby....wondering what could she be thinking? My husband was asleep in the room at that time so he didn't feel the uncomfortableness of it all. She offered to p/u and drop off my daugther to her art class because her son goes to the same school. What should I make out of that? In a way I don't want her to get to know my daughter just cause I don't want her influencing her in any way and because I know how she is herself. What do you guys suggest? If I say no she might take it the wrong way, what should I say?


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Just go with your gut feeling. I know it sounds insensitive, but forget her feelings for now. I know you want to establish peace between you, but this is your daughter here, & she's more important. What's your gut feeling telling you?


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bundle of joy! I agree with the girls don't let her do it. She is probably just being nice, HOWEVER I strongly believe it is better not to be too chummy. My DH let his ex watch all 3 kids on a night I had to attend a company function, ( our CEO retired & I had to be there ) he decided to join the youth baseball board ( which after a month he quit... don't get me started on this one Smile ) anyhow I about had a coronary over this & was pissed even as it went on. Believe me it will be a cold day in hell... our BM is responsible, but bottom line is she pulls shit because she deep down inside hates DH & has made the comment once that it was not her fault we had a baby while arguing with my husband about his refusing to pay extra for something ( good thing she never said it in my presence or she would be missing her front teeth)

I believe we all pay dearly for our association with the BM's kids, she certainly hasn't paid the price of admission to associate with my child.

We went to a boyscout banquet this week & had to sit with BM, it was really cute when SS7 siad to his mom, " isn't " Bobby" cute mom?"

She did email DH the next day & told him how much she enjoyed watching SS7 interact with the baby because it is obvious hoe much he loves his baby brother.....It's not all bad & but I believe seperate is best.

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if you feel funny about it there is a reason, I am with everyone else forget her feelings and just worry about your kiddos..

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I am glad you are doing well but no, I would not leave my child with BM. You just never know what she may do as some kind of revenge? Better safe than sorry I say

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