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A gift from Biomom & SS???? wow!

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So this year I get a gift from biomom & ss for the 1st time, in 8 years of knowing these 2 for my bday. What could this mean? What does she want or expects? Is it because my new baby is arriving soon and she wants to be close to me to see the baby when delivered? What do you folks think?


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Well after 8 years if it is food don't eat it! Sorry just what came to mind. Why would the bio want to be involved with your child? I could see the step being excited and seeing it as a gap that would be bridged by the baby- some common ground but I have to have missed something cause as I am also due for delivering soon I am "closing ranks" as far as BM, She tends to cause alot of huge drama in times of happiness if she is aware of it. Congrats on the Blessing!

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thanks for your comment, yes if it's food don't eat it....i agree. biomom is sneaky so i don't want to get close to her just because she got me a gift. she is unstable and unpredictable. only nice when she is up to something nasty....congrats to you too, when are you due? i'm due on nov. 23rd.

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Just because she has never made such a gesture in 8 years.... I get gifts for my daughter's stepmom (birthdays, mother's day, etc.) but I've also done it since day one. Maybe its a peace offering? Now that you are having a baby maybe she has FINALLY accepted that you are not going anywhere?
I would just graciously accept the gift and take it for what it is... don't go putting all of your trust in her by any means but I'd give her the benefit of the doubt.

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This could be an olive branch, or it could be a gift with shady intentions. I say just accept the gift graciously and leave it at that. Why does she want to be present for the birth of your child? One of my girlfriends had a child about a year ago and her XH was taking care of the kids while she was at the hospital, and when she was allowed to have visitors, he brought them all up there so they could see the baby. You could tell he was a little uncomfortable but he was happy to see his kids so excited about their new little sister. If it's something like that, I could understand it. But if she's wanting to like, be in the room holding your hand or whatever...uh...

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