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So I told my family...

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My fathers response "I'm sad for you but he has too much baggage and the minute you are third priority is the minute you leave". He also commented on the fact that dh is very moody and the last time we visited my parents house he wanted to leave after only 2 and a half hours. I rarely visit my parents cause they live over 2 hours away. It had been months . They told me they would lend me a months deposit that I can pay back and have been very supportive about everything. Today it has sunk in more and I feel exhausted. Really really drained.

So I bit the bullet and text him this morning... It's not pretty ...

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Me: hi?
H: hi?
Me: thought you might have been in touch?
H: why?
Me: what do you mean why
H: why would I?
Me: why wouldn't you more importantly
H: no why would I? What good would that do me
Me: so that's that then?
H: looks like it

There you have it folks, that's my wonderful husband for you

839 pm no word from h

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Even though he knows I've gone home to my parents house to deal with Something horrendous. My immediate family and extended family are still so raw about my uncle and what happened and still no word from dh. Think he might have rang me today considering I was the last one who text him yesterday that he didn't reply to and no..... Nothing.... No contact... No nothing..........

Good luck at "your thing". Dh does not care about me, my friends have been more supportive today than dh

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Is actually what h text me today. It is not "my thing". It is a mass to celebrate my uncle who took his life this time last year at only 58 years of age. Not only that when I replied back about things in the house that needed to be seen to also with alluding to "my thing" as he so kindly put it, it was 6 hours ago and he never even bothered to reply..........

I have never hated someone like I hate my h right now. Aware it might be petty to others but not to me

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Let me just start by saying I have deleted my previous post about worrying about sex education for his son because right now I couldn't care less what the fuck he does. And that is putting it lightly.

I am falling out of love with dh

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So after I posted yesterday, dh apologized to me and said "I should have too you ". While I accepted the apology my heart was just not in it and I was distant to him last night. This morning I just woke up thinking "I do not love this man the way I used to". This man made me feel safe, loved and valued. And because of this I dealt with his baggage of two kids and two BMs. Now I am third/fourth priority after ss, his work and now his friends.