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Another day with no word from dh

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Nothing more to add... The title does what it says on the tin....


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Thank you. This week has indeed been emotionally intense (for my mum in particular ) seeing her pain and trying to support her has been hard. The last time I spoke properly to h was when we had a fight on Tuesday night . He have me a peck as he left for work on we'd and I text him when I left my city at 930am with stuff that needed to be done in the house while I was away. He responded back saying "good luck at your thing" I.e my uncles remembrance mass. I replied back then nothing from him. He hasn't even gone on whatsapp since we'd.

I think he is out with his friends tomorrow night so he will have ss tonight... So why would he need to check in on his wife??? Usually I don't play mind games and would just text him but considering I text him last and he hasn't even bothered to really check in and see how my family are I am leaving it for him to make the first move.

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I agree nena. I think dh is almost resentful at this stage that I "take time away from his son". I've blogged in the past that we have ss every single weekend until at least 830 Sunday night. He even invited ss to our @date day" two weeks ago after having him for 2 days straight. When I said it to dh he said before he met me he had ss every Wednesday, Friday, sat and Sunday and that he can't do that anymore because if me (actually he can't do midweek because if work but easy to blame be) and yes I request Friday night for time to ourselves because we barely spend any time together during the week cause of work and from first thing on sat we have ss.

Dh actually made a comment that he doesn't enjoy the hour he spends before he collects ss on sat morn it the time when he goes to bed and we watch an adult tv show. It's very hard to forget that.

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I feel so sad Sad dh used to make me feel so special. My god how things have changed the last 2 years...

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Takes two seconds to send a quick text. The fact that you aren't even worth two seconds of his life is heart-wrenching...and shows you who he truly is.