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DH refuses to go on vacation without SD

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 I've disenaged from SD since she basically ignores me now. I'm fighting fire with fire. She doesn't ackowledge me and I her. I told DH that from now on he will handel anything that in regards to SD. When she's at our home for the week, I tend to keep myself occupied or take BS out as much as possible. 

SD has the power now

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Ever since SD heard me venting to my friend about calling her a bitch, she has been given the green light to totally disregard me in MY HOME. DH met with SD and she claimed that she's sick of the double-standard that's going on. Accoridng to her, If she had said something like to me, DH would go off on her,make her apologize ,and ground her. DH doesn't call her out anymore. I brought up to DH's attention, and he just doesn't want anymore drama. . So much for having each other's back huh?

I messed up big time

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DH has a 15 year old daughter from his previous marriage and we have a 3 year old son together. We have been married for five years. Hard as I try, his daughter and I just don't get along . She's not rude to me because she tried that early in our relationship and her father put his foot down. So she knows that she can't be disrespectful, but she doesn't welcome me into her life. She avoids me as much as possible and doesn't include me in her things if she can help it at all.