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Song suggestions...

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Ss's fiance had asked me previously if I wanted to do a first dance with Ss at their wedding. I said I would love to as long as everyone would be ok with it.

I just got a text from Ss last night saying that he talked to his mom and she is ok with it. So he wants to know if I had any song suggestions.


Does anybody have any suggestions?????????

Is this a thing???

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As I've posted before, Ss26 is getting married in December.

He is getting fitted for his wedding attire this evening and he sent Dh a text wondering if we wanted to be there since Bm is going to be there.  Also, Bm's fiance and her 17 year old daughter that she has with fiance, will be there.

Dh was told that Ss26 and Bm are going out to dinner together afterwards, alone. 

Is this a thing?? It feels kind of weird to me but I know nothing about this kind of thing.

Opinions Needed/Pre Wedding Drama

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Ss26 sent a text to Dh wanting to know if he wanted to join them at the tasting for picking out food for his wedding.  Dh asked me if WE were available.  I said that yes, we could take a long lunch that day.

Well, it turned out that Ss only wanted Dh OR me (really only Dh I think), not Dh AND me.  They only had one seat available.  Dh made a bit of a stink and got another seat set.

After I found out about all of that, I felt very awkward and figured they were talking behind my back thinking that I forced the issue, which I did not.

The Bridal Shower

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My Ss is getting married in Dec. The wedding was postponed from last year.

The bridal shower was this past Sat. and I was very nervous about how it would go.  I have not seen Bm in person for years(probably going on 10 years).

My mom and I were invited and we decided that we would be friendly to Bm and just make small talk, etc.

When we arrived, we saw my MIL and SIL and asked if we could sit with them.  They were happy that we joined them. 

Stressful times....

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My Ss24 got engaged last September.  We are very happy for him! His fiance is wonderful!! She has brought about changes in him that makes him a better, more thoughtful person.

They set a date of December 5, 2020.  We put down a deposit for the rehearsal dinner.  Then Covid hit.

We were hopeful that by December things would be better.  It isn't looking like that is happening.

They haven't talked to us about their plans.  What are they going to do if things are closed down, etc?


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I've been having some health issues and some dental issues lately, so I'm glad I have a positive step story to blog about today as I'm sitting here waiting to be able to feel my face!!

I've decided that Ss23's girlfriend is a very good influence on him. 

Dh and I celebrated our 18th anniversary at the beginning of May.  The evening before we took Ss and girlfriend out to celebrate Ss's promotion at work (Yay!!).

OT: Another Furbaby heartbreak

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It has been almost a full week since we had to say goodbye to our sweet 17 yr old kitty.  She was our baby for 15.5 years and I still can't believe she's gone.  Why oh why did we get our babies so close in age.  This is so awful.

Her name was Belle. Affectionately know as Belle Pepper.  

In 2003, we went to a rescue group to look at a kitty named Maggie.  As we were looking at Maggie, we saw this red and white tabby come to the front of her cage.  She had one blue eye and one green eye.  She had us at meow.........

My heart hurts.......

Guilt trip....really Dh???

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I have this diamond pendant that is made from a diamond that my mom gave me.  It was given to her by her great aunt.  It was originally in a wedding ring setting.

So this is a family heirloom kind of thing. 

The other day I mentioned that I would be passing this pendant on to my niece in the event of my death. Or I reach the age that I want to start passing things down.  Dh said something to the effect of "so Ss just doesn't exist?"  and "what is Ss going to get?".

I answered with "whatever HIS mother or you give him." 

My Feelings were hurt

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I started being hurt but now I'm starting to get mad.

So Ss23 and his girlfriend are back from their 7 country 2 week trip to Europe.  We had given them $160 to use if they bought us any souvenirs so they wouldn't have to spend their own money.  They wanted us to come over and have dinner and pick up the stuff they bought.  So we bought their dinner and then went back to their new apartment.

New Year, Same Frustration...

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My Ss is 23 and just signed a new lease on an apartment with his girlfriend.  He graduated college last year and has a job in his field, even though it is an entry level position.  This is all great!!  I am happy for him.

However, I've complained here before that we are still paying for his car insurance, even though he hasn't even lived in our state since he graduated college last year, we still own the car and he was using our address. With this new apartment, he wants to actually get his driver's lic in the state he is living and then he needs to have his own car insurance.