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I've been having some health issues and some dental issues lately, so I'm glad I have a positive step story to blog about today as I'm sitting here waiting to be able to feel my face!!

I've decided that Ss23's girlfriend is a very good influence on him. 

Dh and I celebrated our 18th anniversary at the beginning of May.  The evening before we took Ss and girlfriend out to celebrate Ss's promotion at work (Yay!!).

OT: Another Furbaby heartbreak

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It has been almost a full week since we had to say goodbye to our sweet 17 yr old kitty.  She was our baby for 15.5 years and I still can't believe she's gone.  Why oh why did we get our babies so close in age.  This is so awful.

Her name was Belle. Affectionately know as Belle Pepper.  

In 2003, we went to a rescue group to look at a kitty named Maggie.  As we were looking at Maggie, we saw this red and white tabby come to the front of her cage.  She had one blue eye and one green eye.  She had us at meow.........

My heart hurts.......

Guilt trip....really Dh???

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I have this diamond pendant that is made from a diamond that my mom gave me.  It was given to her by her great aunt.  It was originally in a wedding ring setting.

So this is a family heirloom kind of thing. 

The other day I mentioned that I would be passing this pendant on to my niece in the event of my death. Or I reach the age that I want to start passing things down.  Dh said something to the effect of "so Ss just doesn't exist?"  and "what is Ss going to get?".

I answered with "whatever HIS mother or you give him." 

My Feelings were hurt

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I started being hurt but now I'm starting to get mad.

So Ss23 and his girlfriend are back from their 7 country 2 week trip to Europe.  We had given them $160 to use if they bought us any souvenirs so they wouldn't have to spend their own money.  They wanted us to come over and have dinner and pick up the stuff they bought.  So we bought their dinner and then went back to their new apartment.

New Year, Same Frustration...

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My Ss is 23 and just signed a new lease on an apartment with his girlfriend.  He graduated college last year and has a job in his field, even though it is an entry level position.  This is all great!!  I am happy for him.

However, I've complained here before that we are still paying for his car insurance, even though he hasn't even lived in our state since he graduated college last year, we still own the car and he was using our address. With this new apartment, he wants to actually get his driver's lic in the state he is living and then he needs to have his own car insurance.

OT: Sad Time Again

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Our little Pearl passed away on Monday.   She was our little pocket kitty but she had a lot of heart.  She could jump like a flying squirrel. It was amazing!

She was all white with green eyes and won a calendar contest at the humane society where we adopted her from in 2006. 

She put up a courageous fight against cancer for almost a year but we had to make a quality of life decision. 


We've lost two precious pets in 6 months and I am so heartbroken.



OT: Thanks!!!

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I want to thank everybody that has flagged spam on the site recently!!!!  That is so helpful!!! It alerts me on my phone and I can take care of it quickly!!


Thanks again!!!

Opinions Needed

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My Ss is just about a month away from turning 23.  He has graduated from college, has a job(granted, it is an entry level job in his field but still a job), lives in an apartment in the next state over with his girlfriend, yet we are still paying for his cell phone and his car insurance.  I also have him on my AAA account.

I think that it is time for him to start paying all of his bills.  Dh thinks that I am just looking for something to complain about and pick on Ss.  He says he has more important things to worry about.

OT: We Had To Let Our Fur Baby Go Yesterday

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She got pneumonia and she fought the good fight but she just couldn't beat it. She was hooked up to an oxygen machine to help her breathe and it was still a struggle. She also had more seizures.

It was the hardest thing we ever had to do. 

Today everything I do or see reminds me of her.

I am heartbroken......

Changes to Private Messages

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You've spoken, we've listened!  We've opened up private messages to allow any user to send any other user a private message.  However, we've also added the ability for a user to choose to only allow private messages from only their friends, if they wish.  We've also brought back the ability to block individual users from sending you private messages.