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Song suggestions...

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Ss's fiance had asked me previously if I wanted to do a first dance with Ss at their wedding. I said I would love to as long as everyone would be ok with it.

I just got a text from Ss last night saying that he talked to his mom and she is ok with it. So he wants to know if I had any song suggestions.


Does anybody have any suggestions?????????


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How long will I love you- Ellie Goulding

You are my Sunshine- Chis Stapleton 


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My bro played "when I'm 64" to dance with my mom at his wedding lol.... she was not amused 


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Cover version by Samantha Taylor

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"You've Got a Friend" by James Taylor

"Stand by Me" can't remember who by but from 1960s. 

"What a Wonderful World" by Ray Charles i think? 

Lighthearted, most people have heard them, positive.

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Ss suggested "You've got a Friend" by James Taylor.

What do you guys think about that one?

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Completely agree with Winter and Aniki on this.

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... by Kool & the Gang. It'll get everyone up & dancing, young & old!