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I've been having some health issues and some dental issues lately, so I'm glad I have a positive step story to blog about today as I'm sitting here waiting to be able to feel my face!!

I've decided that Ss23's girlfriend is a very good influence on him. 

Dh and I celebrated our 18th anniversary at the beginning of May.  The evening before we took Ss and girlfriend out to celebrate Ss's promotion at work (Yay!!).

They gave us a card for our anniversary and a $30 gift card to Petsmart(since we are going to be getting a new puppy soon).  It was such a thoughtful gift. I almost cried!!  I don't think that Ss has ever given us an anniversary card and I know never a gift!! I made sure to send them a thank you note to let them know just how much I appreciated that.

Then, Mother's Day.  I get the Happy Mother's Day text from Ss.  That's the norm. I said thank you.  He then texted back that he wanted to get together for dinner the next week.  I told him that that sounded good.  He also invited my parents and Dh's mom.

The dinner was last night.  When we got there, Ss and girlfriend were already at the table and they had a potted flower for me, my mom and Dh's mom for Mother's Day.

Wow!!!  I'm going to just take some time to enjoy this.


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What kind of pup?!?!

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Something small and cute to go with my rescue 10 year old Chihuahua, who is not going to be happy with me!

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Congrats on your anniversary, and on a new and improved SS!  

Here’s hoping the health things fall in line too!

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That's wonderful news ..the influence of a good woman may indeed be helping SS navigate through whatever anger issues he possesed as a  toxic-teen.

I'm happy that you are getting  some closure to the years of rancor and perhaps  to the memories of the emotional abuse .

I hope your health issues ,too, are soon behind you as well.

And congrats on that new family member.

What kind of puppy?

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Happy Anniversary to you and Mr Dawn!! Hope your health issues will all soon be resolved.

I'm sorry to be a downer, but it sounds as if your SS may have found a sweet girl who's willing to overfunction for him. Hopefully she can teach him to treat family better, but it's too soon to tell. Please keep your heart protected, and see if his behavior evolves over time. Oh, and make sure you thank the girlfriend; we SPs all know how it feels to have our efforts to unappreciated.

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That is great news!!! Sounds like he is growing up! Smile

Happy Anniversary and hope your mouth is feeling better soon! Xo

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Congrats on your Wedding Anniversary!!

I hope your health concerns quickly desolve.

As for your son...glad he is keeping company with a young lady you like.  I know you will keep your eyes W I D E open.  It is very scary for young men these days. VERY scary.


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Congrats on your anniversary!


That's so sweet. Definitely sounds like she's a great influence. Happy to hear

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I hope you feel better soon.

Thanks for the rays of sunshine (yup I went there!) regarding your SS and his GF.