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The Bridal Shower

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My Ss is getting married in Dec. The wedding was postponed from last year.

The bridal shower was this past Sat. and I was very nervous about how it would go.  I have not seen Bm in person for years(probably going on 10 years).

My mom and I were invited and we decided that we would be friendly to Bm and just make small talk, etc.

When we arrived, we saw my MIL and SIL and asked if we could sit with them.  They were happy that we joined them. 

We were working on some of the games that they had when my mom and MIL said, "where is Bm?".  My back was to the room so I didn't see her but just figured she was there somewhere. NOPE! No where to be found!!

So the shower progressed with a brunch, games and gift opening.  Everything was going well.

Ss's fiance came to our table and visited.  Her grandma came over and introduced herself.

After all of the activities were over, they announced that the guests could stay and visit for a little while or go, whatever you wanted to do.  I think they had the space for at least another 20 min.

Guests started getting up and migrating to the front door, taking pictures with the future bride and then exiting.

At this time I looked up as the front door opened and in walked Bm and her daughter with a big old shocked look on her face!!!  We couldn't believe that she was just showing up......

She kind of went over and hid in a corner by the "fill out a recipe card for the bride" station.

My table was just getting up to get pictures taken and head out the door.  There was no interaction with Bm.

It was the strangest thing!!! I am dying to know what the scoop was with that.  I would have thought that she would have been there with bells on........

Pictures were posted on social media and NONE with Bm.

Very interesting indeed.....



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If your BM is anything like Satan, she's lazy and disorganized so she ran late, then pretended they gave her the wrong time.  Also, she would be unwilling to buy a gift with "her" money, so she'd either show up without one (late, so no one would notice) or take credit for a gift someone else purchased.



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Dang, Ispo!

BM's brand of shamelessness is rare, even among sociopaths. It's a toss-up, trying to decide which of the ST BM crackpots is the worst. Biostep’s fanatic is definitely in the running. Hmmmm…. Perhaps we should have a contest?

Dawn, please don't leave us hanging re: your BM story; that was some odd/interesting behavior!

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As weird as the situation was at least you were spared histrionics.  I'm glad for you. 

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Meth Mouth never showed up on time for anything, instead she would slink in late, lurk in the shadows and then leave before anything ended. But she would post all over social media like she had been there front and center, cow!