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O/T Learned Helplessness.... Any book suggestions?

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Looking for suggestions for books on 'Learned Helplessness.' Nothing too clinical. Geared more towards lay people.

Have a friend who's son falls in to that category, so she'd like to find something to share with her mother/siblings, and XH. Her simply explaining it isn't working, and they're all trying to make her feel bad, for not pampering his 24 yr old tushie. LOL. Smile

StepHell comparisons....

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Here's your chance to describe (in an unusual way) what StepHell is/was like for you.

My StepHell was like a crappy carnival...

~Full of freakshow-esque people

~Lot's of games that I couldn't win

~Rollercoaster (and other) 'rides' that made me nauseous

~Screaming, sugar-hyped kids that never STFU

~Crappy prizes (gifts) that cost about 2 cents

~Nasty funhose mirrors that blur your perception of everything

For those who have left StepHell or are thinking about it....

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Many months of reflection brings me to this thread. What are the things you absolutely DO NOT miss or would not miss about StepHell???

1) The lies.

2) The excuses

3) The SK's smirky little shit eating grins (especially when they know they have managed to get over on the 'supposed' sane BP.)

Please feel free to add to the list.....

Think my xSD is stalking me

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For those who are unfamiliar with my background, I adopted a pup from the local shelter when I left my xH and StepHell.. He (my dog Ryder) has turned out to be a very awesome dog. He has competed in AKC obedience trials and titled, and we are now involved in protection training (Schutzhund.) This evening, as I was putting Ryder through his paces, I heard a familiar voice yelling in the background, so I looked up and I see clearly, it is my xSD. Obviously, I am quite distracted since there is NO WAY IN HELL that she should be there. She hates dogs.

O/T Why dogs are sooo much better than SK's....

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First of all, please feel free to add any reason's you'd like, to this thread. I'm going to call it my version of 'Serenity Saturday.' LOL!. Wink

1) When I say NO.... he doesn't cry, yell, complain, threaten, or run to BM/BD for back up.

2) When I buy him something, he really really LOVES it, and he never compares these things to what the dog down the street has.