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Laugh of the day

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Seriously! SM's all over the world should shudder. THE ABSOLUTE GALL OF THESE ENTITLED s-BRATS!


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Well, if the law allows it....

It says the step kids will not inherit from her (which is why they are suing, I'm sure) and were estranged from her. If she had no relationship with them, her death changes nothing in their lives and they should not be able to sue at all but again, California law allows it.

Her husband died in 2003, which to me, should legally sever the "step" ties for these types of situations. I mean, crap, how in the hell does one get rid of step leaches like this, if death doesn't do it?

Do we need to "divorce" them somehow if our spouses die?

Do we need an affidavit? "Let it be known to the world, that I, hereiam, am no longer the step mother of so-and-so. She is not allowed to profit from my life or my death in ANY way."


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I would agree with this IF the SM in question had ANY cordial relationship with the SK's. She didn't. Now the needy-greedies come out of the woodwork looking for a payout. Truly pathetic and if I were their BM, I'd be feeling 50 shades of embarassed.

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She left NOTHING to them in her will or trusts. That shows what she thought of their "relationship" with her. I can't see how any court anywhere would award them anything. What a horrid thought that skids can make money off your death when you have specifically cut them out from your estate.

Just thought of something. When dad passed, his estate may have been absorbed into smom's. Maybe he didn't have a dime to call his own but skids won't see it like that. This is their chance to get "their" money back!