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OT-I don't know how kids do this..

So I'm 27 years old.

My parents have been divorced for 12 years.

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OT Power Outtage

So last night just before dinner the power goes out. I cooked my favorite Tuscan Garlic Chicken and I was over the moon it had just finished as the power started surging.

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I refuse....

I'm tired so I don't know if this will make much sense... Puzzled

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The one day of the year you'd think she'd call...

And crickets.

My heart is breaking for SS11.

What a piece of freaking trash.

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OT-I am SOOO freaking eloping.....

So my younger sister is getting married in August. Indecisive isn't a strong enough word and I'm a Libra (she's an Aries if it matters to anyone).

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O/T Can I just say...

Heroin sucks.
Alcoholism sucks.
Cancer sucks.

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Marathon IEP's make my mind ache

SS11's IEP meeting was yesterday and -excuse me whike i get bragadocious for a sec but we have worjed our tail feathers off with this kid-despite stellar grades and great behavior SS is doing extended

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BM is buying me shirt?

BM1 texted SO yesterday asking what size shirt I wear?

She said she is getting shirts for me and her other son's step mother.

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I need to get this out before it comes out of my mouth.

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Dear Self....

Earlier this morning you thought:
Hey! You should clean the yard up! It will make it easier to spread the tick repellent.

Then you thought: