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I just saw someone on fb giving someone else advice. They spelled "function" "funkshion"

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OT-I don't know if going to the doctor helped.....long sorry

*** I sliced this blog in half if you just want to know what DCP's reaction to all of this was***

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OT-Update to DCP conundrum

First of all, thank you everyone for your help and insight today. After looking over everyone's comments, I did decide to reach out to BD's doctor.

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OT-Is my Daycare Provider overly critical or should I actually call a doctor

So BD3 has been attending her new Daycare for about a year.

mommadukes2015's picture entirely different Christmas story....

So SO took BD3 over to BM2's parents house today to give SD7 her Christmas presents. Of corse they always have some gifts for SS and BD as well.

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It was not a BM free Christmas....

You know, I never knew a person could have so much presence and not be present.

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She called again this morning....

And I unplugged the house phone. Then I shut my cell phone off.

Not today ho, not today.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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BM, The Grinch 2 years running

So some weird stuff has been going on around here lately.

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Don'tFeedtheTrolls got me thinking....

So Her last blog got me thinking, my friends are wonderful at buying things for my kids, but her blog is about her sister.

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OT-My 74 year old Grandmother is a bada$$

Every year for as long as I can remember my grandmother has delivered a flawless Thanksgiving meal.