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The things she comes up with...

SO BM has the worst life like EVER.

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Weekend Warrioring and other musings....

So my step-sister is getting married this weekend (My bio sis got married in August) and I will be celebrating the end of wedding season (I literally can't wedding anymore, the showers, the bach parti

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We got CS!

SO went to court today for the Second Appearance after BM told the judge last time she had just been hired for a job at pizza hut and didn't know how much she would be making or working (because those

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OT- the things you go through when your kid is 3 and under with glasses


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OT-My brain is more fried than a bucket of KFC Chicken

I cannot brain today.

In fact, I have not been able to brain all week. It's lil' sis's wedding week and I'm all over the place.


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Work Update, my stupid sister rant & Court BS

Thank you everyone who replied to my work rant the other day. Your reassurances, support and suggestions have been very much taken to heart and are very much appreciated.

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OT- Work Rant


My caseload has been going full boar, full speed ahead, 137 miles per hour busy since Christmas. It's like the Christmas rush never ended.

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SOS need advice quick

Brief bio-

SO has 3 kids: SS12, SD7 and our BD3.

SS12 & BD3 live with us. All 3 kids have different mothers.

Starting to sound like a logic puzzle? It's starting to feel like one.

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Child Support....

SO CSU finally got an address for BM. I'm assuming they served papers on her because we received ours yesterday.

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SMH BM Seriously

So this past weekend BM's mom GBM came to visit (she lives about 10 hours away). We are in regular contact with GBM who LOVES SS to pieces.