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Did I overreact by reporting this to the police?

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So SD (9) comes back from BM's with bruising all along her cheek bone going clear up to her temple in the left side of her face. When I asked her what happened she told me that BM and Sdad took her and SS (7) shooting and on the way back BM let her ride in the back of her Grandfather's pickup truck (it had a canopy on it) where he was apparently driving so fast that she was being bounced from the floor of the pickup clear up to the top of the canopy roof and BM was in the vehicle behind them.

DH read my post from yesterday

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So DH did read my post from yesterday. When I got home he had red roses sitting on the counter, candy, and a letter where he apologized for everything. He then talked to me about the fact that he has a very hard time admitting when he is wrong and that he was going to work on that.

Let's just say that moment was short lived.

Fellow StepTalkers, Please talk some since into my DH

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DH knows that I come to this website. He gets online and reads my blogs and then usually gets made at me for what I've posted.

Here's my problem. If you been following my posts then you'll know that DH has been having some huge issues recently with boundaries.

1.) DH does not feel like he got overly involved in the neighbors divorce drama. He does not feel that crazy neighbor ladies attack on me in her garage and then the two hour beat down she gave me via text has anything to do with his behavior in regards to their divorce.