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Help needed

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I deleted this post. Sorry. I don't want him to know that I posted about it. I don't want to give him anything to use against me.


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Yep. Agree with basically all of this. Provided you know you would have the will to shoot it if the time actually came. Otherwise it's a danger, he could end up turning it on you.

But from what you are describing he sounds unhinged and dangerous. You need to seek counsel from people who deal with women escaping from abusers. Please contact the professionals, not us.

And tell your family friend what is going on so they don't tell him anything! I wouldn't want this creep even knowing where I lived.

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Can he be committed? A 72 hour hold may give you a Headstart to leave the state.

Have you talked to a women's shelter? They may have resources for you.

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I didn't see your post, but based on the comments, I would recommend a women's shelter and go immediately.

I know a woman who left her home state (2 states away) to get away from an abusive husband and abusive adult children. She is being protected by our local women's shelter, and she is in so much better shape than she was originally. It has been 2 years and she is still protected. Any mail she has goes to an address in our state capital and the agency forwards it on to her directly. Even those of us who met her in group counseling at the agency don't know where she lives. They do wonders for people who need help.