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Contradiction 101

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so sunday we asked ss all day if he wanted to see BM,, no no no no no!! ok so you you dont want to go to her house for the next few days? your going to go to camp right?? yes, i want to go to camp. ok.. had a great day, went dowling, played out side, very good day. 7pm rolls around, made a good dinner, showers getting clothes out for camp. WHAAAAAAAAAAAA,, I MISS MY MOMMY, WHAAAAAA, i wanna go to my mommy's. i dont want to go to camp. WTF??? so dear FH says,, SS, we asked you all morning if you wanted to go and you said no. so he called BM and she said she could meet him now to get SS.

Dont have a good title, just need opinons!!

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BD5 came home from a 4 night stay at bio dad's back in july. when i went to pick her up, i noticed that she had all "bug bites" on her face and arms. i asked him what this was and he had no clue ( typical ),, so that next day i took her to the doctor and he said they were "insect bites", i said " BED BUGS??" he said " nope, insect bites",,,, she did go to the beach with dio dad and new wifey the day before but the "bites" were only on her face and some on her arms,, none on her legs or below her neck..

TAX RETURN, Question??

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so my FH's papers say that everyother year him and BM claim ss on taxes. We live in NY. OK, BUT these papers also stated that 4 days he is with BM and 3 days he is with FH. For the past 3 years that i ve been with FH ss has been with us 99.9% of the time. so this year ( i know i have OCD and im planning a wedding) BM for 2011 gets to technically claim ss on her taxes. she also filed for bankruptcy and got canned from her folding clothes job.FUCK the papers, he has lived with us for the entire year of 2009, 2010 and 2011 and we legally can prove this.

Another Vent about another worthless Fetus Holder

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so ss7 is so IN LOVE with "mommy" again. this bitch got fired and now all of a sudden she is SUPERMOM,, i fuckin do EVERYTHING for ss, as well as my own bd6. so since she got fired and is collecting umemployment and tapping into her 401k like a real loser, she is all of a sudden re surfacing around our neighborhood. so tonight she found out where his b ball game was and showed up ( i give her kudos for that one, she really went out of her way to find out that info) and as he hugged him good bye,, wispered into his ear.

new school year, new teacher, should i give her the 411 about BM?

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my ss6 is going into 2nd grade, he has a new teacher. For k and 1st grade he has had the same teacher and thankfully she was very in tune with our home life. we would email eachother and if ss had a bad weekend at his BM's i would tell her about it so that monday morning if he was a little out of sorts she would understand. 2 years of this contact with his teacher made school life for ss and us a little easier. teacher called me one day last year and asked me why BM called her for a conferenfce? i told her idk? she asked me " what am i going to talk to her about?

Need to Vent!!!

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OK, so my FH and i along with my BD5 and SS6 all live together full time. BM got fired from folding clothes back in april so she has been a little more involved the past few months since she has nothing else to do. SS6 is a compleatly different child when he comes home from BM's, its seriously disturbing and FH thinks i "over react", SS6 is usually up my ass when he is home and always laughing, and happy and playing its great. Yesterday, he had b ball and since he is at BM;s she had to bring him. so, here we go, i came late and walked past BM holding back the vomit and SS6 seen me.


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}:) }:) }:) my FH was married before and has custody of my SS6, also i haveMy BD5, we all live together. Yes i have drama with Bio mom BUT,, i feel like my FH's mother is a jealous, nasty, spitful BITCH!! and i just cant swallow all the shit she dishes out to me. First i am going to appoligize for all the cursing im about to do, but i need you all to FEEL my fustration. Ive been together with my FH for 3 years, a lot of drama with his x wife but im slowly accepting a lot of it and he has totaly gotten his balls back when it comes to his xwife.

Will I Ever Get over his X

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Hello, I need your help. my fiace and i have been together for 3 years in august. we live together with my bd5 and his bs6. Its great, a lot of kinks have been almost worked out but i love having both kids all the time. my fiance's x left him on his birthday and left her son in the parking lot of outback for my fiance's birthday. they were together for 15 years and married for 5 of those years. Yes,, a long time. she cheated on him with a man and than was MIA for 3 months. SHe came back and my fiance helped her find an apt. THe x furnished the entire room except guess who's room???

after a visit with BM SS6 is high on mom crack

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The month of december BM was in the picture more than usual. she stopped folding clothes and started going out with a new white trash boy toy who also has a kid. Well BM wanted my SS6 over for a sleepover. ( he hasent slept over there in more than 1 year) SS6 has came back from BM's on a crack cocaine mom high!! my mom this and my mom that and she cooks better than you ( i dont consider PB&J 3 times a day as cooking)and so on and so on. Its so annoying. From a recent visit over new years saturday night, he came home and started asking my BF questions about BM.