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}:) }:) }:) my FH was married before and has custody of my SS6, also i haveMy BD5, we all live together. Yes i have drama with Bio mom BUT,, i feel like my FH's mother is a jealous, nasty, spitful BITCH!! and i just cant swallow all the shit she dishes out to me. First i am going to appoligize for all the cursing im about to do, but i need you all to FEEL my fustration. Ive been together with my FH for 3 years, a lot of drama with his x wife but im slowly accepting a lot of it and he has totaly gotten his balls back when it comes to his xwife. BUT my future mother in law makes rude and nasty comments , she always has something to comment about his x wife when it isnt even her friggin daughter. SHe will alwasy ask my SS questions how "do you miss your mom? do you love your mom? are you upset that daddy and daina are getting married, ect..... also we were at a soccer game, and she seen some old friends, she said SS6, do you know where jack lives? he lives in the apt, where you and your dad and your mom used to live? aww buddy, you miss your mommy right? WTF is wrong with her?? so at that moment i said " SS me and you are going to walk to the car because daddy needs to talk to grammy. as i stated walking i heard her say to my FH, " i dont give a FUCK what she thinks" ........ r u serious bitch?? she always comes over and tries to re arrange my cabinets, she will make coffe with out even asking, always over steps me,, my ss wiill say daina, can u give me a drink please,, she will run up and say i'll do it, with EVERYTHING. a few weeks ago i called her and we chatted and she said she will make a "consicence effort" to try not to bring up the x wife?? (like its hard to not comment about her? she fucked another man when she was married to YOUR GOLDEN BOY and she left your grandson HER SON for 6 months to "find herself", and its hard for you not to talk about her?) I personally feel like she is taking stabs at me, and idk why? when i told her that it hurts me when she brings up the xwife she said she dosent mean to do it but "it just comes out", HOW?? this woman is not your daughter, this piece of shit destroyed your son, and you feel like its your job to remind your grandson that he has a mother?? that is NOT your job, that is his "fetus holder's" job, your grandma !! I need to say something to her again before fathers day, we will ALL be at my parents house and they already do NOT like her, if she says something stupid she isnt going to have to worry about me she will have to worry about my family and i REALLY dont want that. What talk should i have with her again? i dont want to be the bitch that i can be, she is my fh's mother and my future MIL. but she just isnt getting it, and its really PISSING ME OFF.!! HELP


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I have one of those too.. In fact, I get so mad thinking about it that I'm just better off not to talk about her.

I'm sorry you're having to deal with this crap from a MIL who obviously does not know her place, and a fiance who will not put her there.

I just have to stay as far away from mine as I can. I can take her in doses, but that's it. She did the same things your MIL does.. would come over and rearrange my cabinets, 'clean' the house while we were at work (because it wasn't up to her standards). She's told lies to my DH's family about me, tried to break us up for about 4 years, until she realized I seriously was NOT going anywhers. I've gone for months at a time without seeing/talking to her. That's the only way I can keep my sanity when it comes to her.

One question.. did your MIL ever consider herself the 'main caregiver' for SS? To hear mine talk, she's the one who 'raised' SD13, although my DH was only a single father for about 4 years of her entire life.. and that's a cumulative total between wife #1, wife #2 and me (another story for another time). Anyway.. for some reason MIL has just taken complete ownership of SD and anything to do with her. It has gotten better since we moved farther away from her, but she still exercises her 'rights' when it comes to SD.. since she 'raised' her and all..

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Yep! my MIL too, well use to be, she never did anything in my kitchen, and the one time she did, she asked! Oh yeah is this a house you and you FH bought together, or did you move in with him? If you moved in with him she is just showing you that you really dont "have any say so" this is her sons house! and she can do what she wants....but no way in heck, would my MIL come into MY house and start moving things around, But she would talk to ss's like "Do you like SM?" and then even caught her earlier a few years ago telling them they only have one momma and one daddy and if somebody tell them something they didnt like just come and tell granny!!!! What you gonna do! I TOLD HER straight up look "This is my house and if your son wont allow me to discipline them when them get out of hand, him and them can both get out! and I didnt bite my tongue either... then she said yeah you right....I was like I know damn well Im right! I can cook for ss's play with them pick them up from school/daycare take them dr. BUT I cant tell them to sit thier ass down when they runin around like they crazy, or tell them to pick up thier toys/clean thier room without "mistreating" them

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Smile I knew i would get the answers from all of you. this is actually my home that we all moved into together. When the xwife left my mil was involved for like 1 year, than i came along. so she didnt do much of anything except spend her weekends at my fh's apt to watch and hand out with her "boys". The next time she does something or say something i will pull her to the side and make my point clear because my fh does tell her to stop and ive told her now 2 times. thanks' everyone