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Another Vent about another worthless Fetus Holder

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so ss7 is so IN LOVE with "mommy" again. this bitch got fired and now all of a sudden she is SUPERMOM,, i fuckin do EVERYTHING for ss, as well as my own bd6. so since she got fired and is collecting umemployment and tapping into her 401k like a real loser, she is all of a sudden re surfacing around our neighborhood. so tonight she found out where his b ball game was and showed up ( i give her kudos for that one, she really went out of her way to find out that info) and as he hugged him good bye,, wispered into his ear. so he runs over to FH and myself and says "daddy, can i please go to moms?" FH said not tonight, he said ok tomorrow? so BM will pick him up tomorrow night after the last b ball game. whatever. we come home i feed the kids, give them showers, brush teeth, read stories and put them to bed. in between making my lunch, the kids lunch and laundry i ask fh why is he going back there for 5 NIGHTS?,, fh says well he wants to go, right?? he looked like he was excited. yes of course you asshole, she fuckin bribes him to go, HELLO!!!! this happens all the time and idk y FH is like brain dead when it comes to BM,oohh wait,, i forgot,, she is technically the fetus holder,, ok this all makes sense now. i asked him are you going to tell her you want your child support??? she said that she would give it to me at the end of the month.... yeah,,she said alot of things FH, remember the one where she said she was leaving you and ss for the cashier at her job. Thankfullly she got the herpes after she left you. Lucky me to!! i fuckin hate this bitch