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BM got a job! thats a start...but

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she is working in a bar and evenings are she is asking biodad to look after boys more, not like they really need a sitter, one is 14 other is 10.....but get this...she only seems to ask him to look after his kids when my 2 kids are at their dads. Imagine that! So I guess her mission this week is to let us not have time alone....will she ever get exhausted and leave us alone????Biodad and I don't live together, but he stopped over last night with one of the boys, my kids were at their dads...she called at 10pm asking for her husband????what an idiot!

Biofather out looking for apartment with his two sons

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They are out looking for apartment, he gets his sons wednesday and alternating weekends...boys say they are going down the street to a bar/restaurant to say hi to one of their moms friends....the landlord asks the boys who their moms friend was...boys answered....boys left...biodad stays there with landlord,, landlord tells him he had better call childs aid if she is hanging out with that particular person,,,biggest cocaine addict in town, everyone that hangs with him is trouble...needless to say maybe thats where all her spousal/child support,equalization 103K cash has gone in the last 2 y

Last nites BM BullS#$%

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Last nite biodad and I *(the girlfriend) went to biodads son hockey game. An hour before the game starts his son calls biodads mom (he lives with his parents)and says dad has his hockey stick and he needs it. Biodads phone starts ringing and of course it is the biomom but he didnt answer it, he knew it would be some kind of BS again. Son didnt have hockey for 2 weeks and it was on her time, so we knew we didnt have stick...just another load of crap...again. Then she calls my house, of course I didnt answer, she leaves a message...Hello this is Mrs.

I think BM is contesting divorce to hang on to hubby

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Court gave her everything and she is coming back for more....because she wont get off her butt and get educated and work. She doesnt want her husband, but she doesn't want anyone else to have him nor does she ever want him to have money or a life......oh and of course if the divorce goes through, she will have no benefits...only kids will. Hopefully court will throw it out, but he hasnt been paying his court ordered amount of 4200 a month.

I have to share this with anyone that has a PEW in the picture!

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For those who dont know the abbreviation above...Physco Ex Wife.

Heres a way we stopped the ex wife to stop harassing with text messages.

She would send us a message, and we would reply....."The customer you are trying to contact, is not accepting text messages. Thank you for choosing Rogers.

We did this a few times, just so she would think it was real


She fell for it! and the text messages stopped.

Can we keep stepkids things at our house that we buy for them instead of sending home.

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Everytime biodad buys his kids clothes, toys, electronics, etc, they want to take it home and we never see it again....Biomother sends them in stinking smokey clothes or clothes that are torn when she knows we have special places to go. This christmas my family bought biodad kids a portable dvd player, and nintendo ds plus lots of clothes..Well the kids want to take them home...I say no, now biodad is caught in the middle. He knows that we will never see these items again, but the kids keep on his case. What do we do?

SS swearing now biomom sending emails to biodad saying I have no business speaking to her kids like that.

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Biomom is such a piece of work...Thanks for the advice on step son swearing. Biomom has sent emails to her ex husband stating I had no business disciplining her kids adn that she should come over and speak to my kids....(not exactly sure on how she thinks that has anything to do with it)?????and the oldest boy said he is happy he never has to come to my house again.. I am sure that is just her talking, but you know I really dont want him around anymore.