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I think BM has finally won.................

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I am tired, its been almost two years since my boyfriend and I starting dating..his wife is a physco, that just wants money,money,revenge,money... and no one to be happy including her 2 kids, her ex, me, everyone...she has harassed me, my children, my family, him, his family..never says anything nice about any of us to his kids...she has threatened to take half of my things saying her spouse has been living with me...blah blah blah....her kids wont get close to me, they won't let me near him anymore...she just got a job in the is offering him more time with them....but they dont really want to come to my house anymore...his kids are rude, ungrateful and disrespectful...there is bitterness towards my kids from them....boyfriend keeps blaming it in their mother and their negative environment..come on they are 14 and 10 year old boys..should they not have some clue by now? just isnt fun I said, I am tired, worn out,,,,with my ex husband dragging the court proceedings out for ever and boyfriends whole court thing for the last 2 years, she even tried to get my ex husband boyfriend lives with his parents, and is currently looking for his own place...he cant live with me...i cant risk her putting a lien on my things.....His court order says she gets 4200 month, he can only give her 3600/month, he is in arrears every month...she tried saying my income was to be used...they are fighting out the equalization...she still wants more...I really don't think she will ever close her hand...I am worried...I don't think I can do this anyone in this boat? I need some advise...I blew up at him tonight and I think he probably wants out too.....Our disagreements are always about the 4 kids...his two and my two....


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Your situation sounds rough and I feel for you.
However, good news i don't know what state you live in but I do not think she can use your income for her child support- my husband just had a modification and my income could not be used and when my modification was done his income could not be used. As for the liens- i have looked into this I have two bd that are deadbeats only things in their names can have liens on them she can not put a lien on your things and if he does move in with you - i don't she can take his things. This is what I know maybe this will give you a little peace. And if he is not making as much as before then maybe he should have a modification on his case his CS might go down. Good Luck Hang in there.

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When I read your story it was like I wrote it!! I too have been dealing with the neverending, constant, monotonous behavior of a self-centered, mentally compromised, ridiculously unmotherly ex-wife. I now realize that the only reason she won't let up is that she knows that she lost a great catch!! Slowly, but surely she is burning her bridges and people are realizing who the whack job is. It takes time and patience, but eventually everybody gets sick of listening to a crazy woman's drama. I've come to the conclusion that if you love the man your with, all you can do is take it as it comes. You have to do the right thing for the kids. If you provide a safe, calm, loving home they will eventually flock to you. There are days when my bf's kids don't talk to me. I just ignore it and give them their space(and forgive the rudeness!!). Their lot in life is harder than mine. Think of it this way-the kids will be teenagers soon enough and they won't have time for their parents' drama!! Good luck!! Chin up!! My bf's ex wife is trying to attack me financially as well. Let me know if you spoke with an attorney. I'm going next week.